Washi Skin Polishing Kit

I swear by my Liz Earle muslin clothes. Never before has removing make-up, face masks and cleansers been so simple. Previously I would be splashing water all around the bathroom and soaking my hair.. but now I just don’t have that problem!

The only thing I find is that something the muslin cloth just isn’t adequate enough at taking off some heavier products, I also find that is stains really easily and despite washing it can never quite get it looking clean again.

So, when I heard about Washi I thought it might be the answer to my prayers!

Washi Cloths

The Washi Skin Polishing Kit retails at £6.95 and comes with four hot cloths and one skin polishing towel.But what’s different about this to an ordinary flannel and towel?

Well, they are thinner than normal flannels and do not feel so abrasive. They are incredibly soft and remind me of the hot towels you get when you fly long haul!

They retain heat nicely and make removing any form of product from a balm cleanser to clay face mask simple. They also rinse well and wash good as new. I have also been using the towels in cold water to cool down in this hot weather and they work just as great at this too.

The skin polishing towel is far superior to a regular towel too, it is much softer and performs great at making skin feel softer and smoother. I use this towel, dry, on wet skin and it leaves my face feeling really smooth and it looks almost glowy. Amazing a towel can do that!

One tip is to use this towel all over pre-fake tan, it really helps to buff the body and make applying fake tan a breeze.

I would highly recommend investing in some Washi products, not only are they exceptionally reasonably priced but they work!

I certainly won’t be straying from Washi!



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