W7 Cosmetics

Although perhaps not one of the most widely known make-up brand names, W7 has served me well since I was young and its constantly evolving product range keeps me coming back for more!

I recently selected a few of their most current items and decided to see what they were all about!

These were the Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer Anti Redness (£2.99), Magic Matte Lipstick in Darling (£2.50) and the Photo Shoot 16 Hour Budge Proof Foundation (£2.99).

At such bargain prices I can imagine many people are dubious of the quality, but that is exactly where you would be mistaken! Their affordable price range makes them even more enjoyable to use, aside from the fact that they really do work!


Of the three products I particularly love the anti-redness primer.  Whilst on first look I did wonder whether it would give my face a green tone, it sunk in easily and helped to decrease the redness I typically suffer around my nose and on my chin. I let it dry before foundation application and it lasted all day. Very impressive!


Matte lipsticks are currently one of my favourite things, sometimes it’s nice to not have glossy lips and go for something a little more demure. This shade is absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for a pale complexion like mine. It’s easy to apply and I actually quite like the packaging too!



Finally, the 16 hour budge proof foundation. Whilst I can’t contest to it lasting a full 16 hours as I don’t wear my make-up that long, it did last a solid 9 hour working day without budging which is impressive in itself! This is a medium-full coverage foundation and works well to cover any blemishes that you may want to hide.


W7 has once again impressed me with their product selection and I will certainly be back for more soon! Their official website is yet to go live but you can purchase their products here and here.


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