Vinyl Clocks

You will probably have seen my previous Vinyl Clocks post written through the eyes of a man. Well, I thought I would do another but with the opinions of a woman – me!

Vinyl Clocks very kindly surprised me with a clock of their choosing and I really love their choice!

Firstly, I love that the vinyl is pink. Bubble-gum pink. It’s absolutely perfect for any girl’s bedroom and makes a change from the standard black colour.

I do like their humour in choosing a vinyl entitled “Cool for Cats” too, a play on my name – very funny guys!

What I love about Vinyl Clocks is that they are perfect for pretty much any occasion and any recipient. They have a vast array of different artists and songs available, meaning that you are pretty much guaranteed to find the perfect one for you or your recipient.

Is the vinyl you want not on their website? Just contact them and they will try to source it for you, before turning it in to a vinyl clock! Such amazing customer service.





The brand prides themselves on their packaging and I have to say that it is the best packaging I have ever received from an online store. They hand make it to ensure that every part of the clock and vinyl will be fully protected before arriving at your door. They even include instructions on the best way to open your package – they have thought of everything!

As it’s now Christmas they are also offering a free gift wrapping service, meaning even less work for you this December.

So whether it is to decorate your own home or to brighten up somebody elses these clocks are perfect for music lovers everywhere!

You can search and purchase your very own Vinyl Clock here.



  1. Rachael says

    That is awesome – me and my husband are big vinyl collections (we have like 800 of them) so this would be a great idea for future gifts!

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