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In the midst of essay deadlines, I’m daydreaming about holidays. With any luck, I can get away for a weekend or two this summer and just explore somewhere new. Right now I am thinking of going to Prague. It is somewhere I was thinking of going last summer with friends, but we ended up having a lovely time in France instead.

I’ve never been to Prague before so most of my inspiration is coming from the internet, which seems to be encouraging my daydreaming a little too much.

So far I’ve picked ten things I’d love to do in Prague:

Charles Bridge – This links both sides of Prague, and offers some spectacular views of the city. The bridge itself is pretty picturesque too. The 14th century structure is meant to be one of the main attractions.

The Museum of Communism – As sombre as it sounds, I would love to see this. Prague’s communist history has been recognised with a touching memorial. I think it is incredibly important to pay attention to things like this and to try to take a lot from them.


Petrin Hill – A little further afield is Petrin Hill. It boasts a cute, smaller version of the Eiffel Tower. Surrounded by green grass and trees, it offers some pretty impressive views of the city.

Prague Castle – This looks amazing. The history nerd in me is fascinated by what the guidebooks have dubbed the largest ancient castle in the world. The rest of me is just in awe of how beautiful it looks.

Old Town Square – A stroll around surrounded by musicians and street performers? Yes please.

Shopping  at Havel’s market – Ok, this might not just be a Prague thing. I can, and will, shop anywhere. But the idea of taking a meander through markets and picking up some souvenirs sounds great.


Church of St. Nicholas – All the pictures I’ve seen make me super eager to see the Baroque decoration in this church.  There’s something about old churches that draw me in.

Go to the ballet or opera – chances are I won’t be able to afford this but it’s nice to dream about either way. I used to do ballet and loved the shows, so think it would be interesting to see one after all this time!


Take a boat ride down the river – I think this would be a good way to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time, especially if I’m taking a flying visit.

Coffee – One of my guilty pleasures is grabbing a cup of coffee, a good book and a window seat and watching the world go by. This is particularly fun in a new place and a good way to take a moment out from all the sightseeing!

Have you ever been to Prague? Any recommendations? Or, like me, are you simply daydreaming about possible holiday destinations?

Kelly x

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