Unusual Treatments

I recently came across information from MyVoucherCodes regarding beauty procedures that women in the UK, aged 30 and over, would be willing to try in order to look younger.

The results are shocking, and after questioning others on Twitter, it feels that other think so too. Just take a look at the results of which treatments the 2,173 women would be willing to endure:

Placenta face masks – 45%
Bee venom – 41%
Vampire face masks – 39%
Leeches – 38%
Sperm facial- 30%
Bird poo facial – 25%
Cryotherapy treatment – 21%
Cactus massage – 19%
Urine therapy – 15%
Solid gold facial – 14%

Now, I don’t know about you but when I visit the spa or a beauty therapist I am looking for a relaxing time to unwind. With scented candles and equally as nicely scented products. But when it comes to the majority of the above I just can’t see how these treatments would be enjoyable?

But would you be willing to ignore that, and the ingredients of the products involved, if the results were good enough?

I for one certainly won’t be putting leeches on my body or placenta on my face anytime sooner!


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