UGG Boots

When UGG’s were first being worn in the UK they looked amazing. Comfortable, soft and warm – like a pair of slippers you could acceptably wear outside! I invested in a pair and they are my go to boot for a late night dash to the shops or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

You see, as much as I love them I just find that they are a little too chunky for me and I prefer to wear pumps or heels. But it would seem that UGG have outdone themselves with their extensive range of newly designed boots, perfect for any occasion!

I am really impressed and am now sorely tempted to treat myself to another, more exciting pair. You just can’t beat the comfort and warmth of UGG boots.

I really love the new designs of these boots; I particularly love both the Maddie (£225) and Blaise (£180) boots. The buckle design is really cute and makes the boots a little prettier than the originals. I also like that the zips and buckles allow for a closer fit.


But I think my favourite pair have to be the Gershwin (£225). With a gorgeous leather outer they look completely different to the rest of the UGG range – but they still have that secret, cosy lining to keep your toes warm all winter!


What do you think of the new UGG range?



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