UE Roll Speaker | #MakeMusicSocial

So when I was originally contacted about the #MakeMusicSocial campaign I was really excited – a new gadget is always fun to try out and play with, plus the possibilities of this one are pretty much endless.

Music is best when shared, and so when you are spending your afternoons lounging in the park on a warm summers day – or perhaps sheltering inside where it’s cooler – it’s always nice to be able to have something to listen to. However when playing music directly from your phone the quality isn’t really the best, and it’s just not social to listen to it on your headphones!

But that’s where the UE Roll Speaker comes in. Created to travel with you and provide the quality of sound you deserve. However, what really captured my imagination was the fact that this little thing is waterproof and pretty much everything-else-proof – it can literally go everywhere with you and still keep blasting your favourite tunes.

So of course, with this information to hand I wanted to give it a try. Naturally as it’s the middle of summer I thought when better to test the water and heat proof design of this product.

Then I awoke, realised we live in Britain and it was pouring down with rain. Naturally the rain could have allowed for the ideal waterproof test but I really didn’t fancy spending my time in the garden getting soaking wet!

So whilst I had hoped to give this ago alongside a game of frisby and a water fight – I am afraid mother nature was not quite on my side.

Instead I took to the internet and discovered all the fun things you can do with the speaker when the weather playing ball!


That’s right – fancy a swim with the girls? The UE Roll can come with you and sit aside the pool whilst you relax on your lilo. Alternatively it is easy to throw in your rucksack when you are travelling or visiting a festival.

It’s truly an innovative product that has entered the speaker market by storm and done something that no other has been able to do before – it is truly portable.

So whether you are looking for something to brighten up your summer, or perhaps need a gift for a special somebody in your life – the UE Roll Speaker would be ideal. Plus, if that special somebody lives with you – you can definitly make sure they share it!


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