Tracey Bell Retexturing Face Primer

I only discovered the wonder that is primer about 2 years ago, but since then I always make sure I have an adequate stock and never apply foundation without it!

Primer is such a great base for your make-up, leaving it smooth and acts almost like a glue to hold on to your make-up for longer.

I have tried several primers in the past, some great and some not so great. I like a primer that spreads easily, one that you don’t need to use a lot of per application, and one that isn’t too watery.


This Retexturing Face Primer from Tracey Bell (£21) is the perfect example of a primer. You only need a small amount for a full face application and it is of a good consistency. After application my face feels so smooth and lovely, a feeling that stays throughout the day!

After leaving for a short while I apply my foundation and always find that it glides so easily, drying with a flawless finish. It also features vitamins A and E to hold on to moisture and stop your skin from drying out.

I am really impressed with this primer, it is the first thing from the Tracey Bell range that I have tried but I will certainly be stocking up again. Although £21 seems fairly pricey it is about the same price you would pay for MAC or Urban Decay alternatives, but knowing this works means I won’t be straying elsewhere!

You can find the Tracey Bell make-up range here.


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