Tortilla at Intu Lakeside

Not my typical choice of cuisine, but on a recent trip to Intu Lakeside I was delighted to discover just how good Tortilla is. Located in the newly refurbished food court, Tortilla is like the Subway of the Mexican world!

With your choice of burrito, salad or quesadilla you start from scratch and build it up exactly the way you want to enjoy it.

The staff were extremely friendly and took the time to explain every option to me. I didn’t feel like I was rushed at any time and instead had the full attention of my server which was really great customer service.  Typically I avoid places such as this because the process looks a little complicated and I feel rushed, but this absolutely was not the case here and for that I am really pleased.

I settled on a burrito with chicken, cheese, various sauces, lettuce and probably a few things that have slipped my mind! The result – one of the tastiest things I have eaten in a long time, and for a fast foot outlet it was incredibly healthy too!

The burrito itself was huge and very well packed, there is nothing worse than eating something like this and having it half empty of filling. No, Tortilla certainly fill their burritos to the brim and ensure that you are getting your money’s worth!

With burritos priced at £5 for a medium and £6 for a large you would be forgiven for initially thinking that the prices are quite high, however I genuinely do think you get good value for money here. The meat is absolutely delicious and, whilst I would normally avoid chicken in this sort of thing as it is often a bit boring, the chicken was fantastic and something I could just eat an entire bowl of on its own.

The best part however, if I am being completely honest, is the fact that you can choose a frozen margarita to compliment your meal – poured fresh from the margarita machine at the end of the process. Any fast food outlet that lets me sip on a cocktail (from a jam jar no less) wins my business!

If you are visiting one of the many locations that Tortilla has outlets in any time soon definitely make a point of stepping by – the relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and absolutely delicious food certainly make it worthwhile!



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