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Shopping. It’s great, isn’t it? There’s nothing quite as thrilling as finding yourself the perfect dress, the most beautiful shoes, the classiest handbags. It’s pretty hard to find the perfect outfit on your local high street, however. Sometimes you’ve got to go above and beyond to really find yourself the perfect designer outfit or at the other end of the scale, the greatest bargain.

London has been voted the best shopping spot in the whole of Europe, and for variety, I can see why. Whether you want designer wear from Oxford Street or something more eclectic from Camden, there’s something for everyone. But what about if you want to look further afield to really get yourself something that no one else has?

Madrid is pretty good for shopping. There’s a huge Zara, and the Spanish chain Desigual has some wonderful bright coloured dresses and other clothes that really make you stand out. You can also hop on a train to Barcelona while you’re there. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities. It’s got everything, from great shops and boutiques on Las Ramblas, to a beach where you can strut your stuff on the promenade. I love it. For label junkies, you can grab some Custo Barcelona from its home city while you’re there.

Madrid Shopping

Then there’s Paris. It’s simply the best shopping city in the whole world. You can spend literally days wandering around under the watchful Eiffel tower. There’s some hidden gems such as boutique store Storie, and then the classiest designer stores. Whether you want to grab some new clothes from the stores near Champs-Elysees, or spend hours trying to find yourself the perfect vintage masterpiece, there’s something for everyone. If you get off the beaten track, you can find some boutique bargains, and there are also some ace department stores such as Galeries Lafayette and Le Bon Marché. It can be pretty pricey though, so get a cheap deal by booking your flights to Paris with a budget airline, so you have more cash to splash when you get there!

If the Italian shopping experience is more your thing or you really want some shoes, Rome is the place to be. With the world’s best coffee and a selection of designer outlets which mean you can pick up Gucci or Valentino at a tiny fraction of the original price, you have to visit the Italian capital of shopping.

For something off the beaten track, Prague is the place to go. The prices are cheap, and there’s a great mix of shops, whether department stores in Wenceslas Square or designer goods in Parizska if you want a statement piece.

Where is your favourite place to shop in Europe?

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