The ShuSac

Do you ever travel somewhere abroad, for the weekend or even just to work and have to carry your heels? I often find that when I go away for the weekend I have to try and wedge them in my overnight bag, but they are so oddly shaped and bulky they take up most of the available room.

Likewise, when I walk to work I wear flats and at the office change in to my heels. I don’t like to just throw my heels in my handbag, especially the more expensive ones, incase they get scratched and/or damaged so often end up taking them in a high-street carrier bag.

However, it seems there was an answer to this issue right under my nose and I didn’t even realise! Enter the ShuSac.

The ShuSac (£29.99) is a brilliant idea and I am not sure why it wasn’t thought of sooner! The over the shoulder bag fits both shoe in to their own individual compartments, meaning they won’t rub against each other to cause marks or scrapes.

Deep Blush with cream shoes

Deep blush inside out

Perfect to throw over your shoulder and still have your hands free to carry your overnight or daily bag! Plus, even when it rains (because let’s face it, it probably will!) your shoes will be protected in this showerproof bag.

Available in a variety of colours, you could choose one for every occasion!

Take a look at the ShuSac collection here.



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