The Rhythm Kitchen, Intu Lakeside

After my personal stylist session I was pretty exhausted, so of course the only answer was to visit their newly refurbished food court and re-enegergise the only way I know how – through eating! The vast array of choices in the new food court at Intu Lakeside makes for difficult decisions; with everything from pizza to burgers, pasta to typical fast food outlets.

My decision however focused on The Rhythm Kitchen – a Caribbean inspired food outlet that serves some classic favourites from the islands. With offerings such as jerk chicken and to lamb curry it was difficult to decide what to settle upon.

The frontage of the outlet is really nice; there is a boxed area that has a window and is where the meat is being prepared. I always think its nice when you can see the food being prepared in a place you are eating – you know they are not trying to hide anything then!

We settled on a Lamb Roti, Lamb Curry and two homemade fruit punches. On ordering at the desk you are then given a pager and left to try and hunt down a seat.

We visited at 2pm so were hopeful that the lunchtime rush would have left; however the food court was full to the brim. Of course this is a positive sign and means that you can be comforted by the facts others are eating there too, but it does mean that you have to do a few laps of the seating are before you find a place to seat. We eventually found two stool style seats and waited for the buzzer to go off.

It didn’t take too long before our food was prepared and I was delighted when I went to collect it from The Rhythm Kitchen. The staff ensured that I had everything I needed before leaving them and even offered additional sauces, etc to compliment the dishes if I wanted them. It was then time to try these delicious looking dishes out!


My lamb curry was absolutely amazing for a food court dish. I typically expect this to be “fast food” and not have much flavour, however this dish was lovely and rivaled what you would get in an actual restaurant. The meat was tender, the rice tasty and it definitely filled me up too. By all accounts the Lamb Roti was delicious too, with the meat again being tender and melting “like butter” in your mouth – high praise indeed.

As I mentioned we complimented the dishes with the recommended homemade fruit punch which was a really nice alternative to a fizzy drink. It was certainly fruity and didn’t taste watered down like some you may get elsewhere.


Overall I was incredibly impressed with the offerings of The Rhythm Kitchen – it definitely showed me that my preconceptions about food court outlets are incorrect. This homemade, tasty and reasonably healthy meal is something I would be more than happy to eat again and I will be sure to visit them next time I am at Intu Lakeside to try some of their jerk chicken!


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