The Perfect Armchair?

What happens when you ask 5000 people on Facebook what would make their perfect armchair?

You get a somewhat space age design, with some great concepts and some I struggle to see working!

Whilst I am sure there are many things you can think of that would make your perfect armchair the best ever, making it too comfortable would encourage a nation of couch potatoes further and with having to develop further software (in-built drinks dispenser anybody?) would increase the armchair to such a point that it wouldn’t be such a perfect price!

Regardless, it is really interesting to see just what some of the nation have come up with.

But just what exactly did everybody want their perfect armchair to entail?

Recline – tilt back to the perfect angle for maximum comfort. With upholstery that moulds to your shape and an integrated footrest you will be in total comfort.

Temperature – You will never be too hot or cold, with heating for the winter and jet streams to cool you in the hot summer months.

Movement – The mobility ball that is built in will take you to the kitchen and back without you having to leave the chair.

Doctor – The armchair would be able to diagnose and treat any physical ailments, including massaging your aching back with the built-in aromatherapy feature

TV – With immersive audio surrounding you, watching TV will be the best viewing experience ever. You can even update your friends from your chair with the integrated tablet computer.

Drinks – The chair will feature a built-in drinks delivery system, so you really never do need to leave your seat!

Alterations – The armchairs smart fabric will allow you to change the colour and pattern to suit your home/room.

Children – Initiating child lock mode will make a shield appear and protect your chair from both children and pets.



What features would your perfect armchair have?



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