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About a month ago I was forced in to watching Sunday Brunch – I say forced because typically I avoid programs about food, they just make me too hungry! But on this particular episode the chef from a Thai restaurant called the Mango Tree featured and he cooked up a Thai feast.

Now I was informed that the presenters on the show eat a lot of good food and so their astounded reactions to the quality of this Thai food means it must be very good indeed. My mouth watered at the red curry that had been cooked and I spent the rest of the day with food envy – the exact reason I don’t watch programs like that!

However, how pleasantly surprised was I when a few weeks later I received an email – a booking for two at the Mango Tree! I couldn’t wait to visit and see if the food was as good as it had looked.

Located not far from Victoria station, the Mango Tree is beautifully presented and smells absolutely intoxicating. The staff were friendly and polite, showing us to our table and presenting us with the menu.

I am not a fussy eater so when presented with a menu where every single dish sounded absolutely delicious I was both in my element and at a loss as to what I actually wanted to eat! However we finally settled on a main dish each and a selection of starters to share.

Mango Tree Restaurant

Mango Tree Restaurant

Mango Tree Restaurant

To start we had the:

Mango Tree Satay (chicken, beef and mixed seafood)

Goong Hom Pa (thai style spring rolls with prawn)

Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour spicy soup)

Every dish was absolutely amazing, I cannot even tell you. The peanut sauce with the satay was the most delicious I have ever tasted; it was buttery and amazing. I could eat that every single day! The satay meat was all tender and cooked beautifully too.

Following this we had our main course, although if I have to admit we were pretty full from our starters!

Mango Tree Restaurant

Mango Tree Restaurant

For main we had:

Moo Nam Pueng (crispy pork belly)

Gaeng Phed Ped (Thai red curry with duck)

Jasmine Rice

Now the red curry was the dish that I seen on TV and immediately wanted to try – and I was not disappointed. I have tried red curries before that were spicy and slightly offensive in their heat, served with meat that was not tender. But this curry from the Mango Tree was the complete opposite. The sauce was creamy, not too hot and delicious; and the duck that was hidden within the pineapple was tender and cooked to perfection.

The pork belly was something that caught my eye when looking on the menu – and thankfully it was decided we could share that too. The outside was crispy and tasty, but the meat itself melted like butter on your tongue – I have never tasted better pork belly and wish I could eat this all the time.

I honestly have never tasted a better Thai, and this restaurant is definitely now one of my favorites generally too!

I cannot wait to come back and would definitely recommend it if you are in London looking to try a new restaurant.




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