The Kitchin, Edinburgh

The best gifts come in food form, and that was no more true than a birthday present in the shape of a trip to Michelin Star rated, The Kitchin. Located on the Edinburgh coast this restaurant uses its wonderful Scottish to provide the freshest and tastiest food I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

We selected the tasting menu which involved 8 courses, each as delicious as the last. What I love is that whilst the serving of each portion is small it is full of flavour and having a whole plateful would certainly ruin the experience!

We paired our tasting menu with the wine discovey package which meant that with each dish we had a different wine, perfectly selected with the ingredients of the food in mind. I have never much proclaimed to be a wine coinesseur but having wine that was selected by an expert showed me just how much of a difference it can make!

Our meal at The Kitchin was about £150 each, and it was certainly worth it. A meal I wont forget in a hurry, with flavours that I will crave forever more…



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