Teeth Whitening with Pearlys

I am always on the lookout for products that promise to give me pearly white teeth, but its often difficult to know just which products will really work.

I have tried many different types from pastes to powders and strips. But none have really made all that much difference.

My teeth aren't awful by any means but drinking coffee and wine hasn't helped my cause, leaving them not as white as I would hope. But when I spotted this 3 piece kit from Pearlys, fronted by Josie Gibson, I hoped the intensive treatments would give me the boost I needed.

The kit, retailing at £50, contains a Weekly Brighten Powder, a Daily Whiten Foam and a Teeth Whitening Pen. The price is slightly higher than you may pay for something you pick up in Boots, but if it works I am happy to pay for it!

I have been using this about a week now and will honestly say I have noticed a difference, primarily is the Teeth Whitening Pen. After coating my teeth in a thin layer of the substance I leave for 10 minutes and then rinse out. On inspection I can see that certain patches of colour have started to fade and my teeth are brightening up!

So far I am highly impressed with this kit and will be continuing to use it. Even if my teeth can get just a few, tiny shades lighter I would repurchase for sure!


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