Viridian – Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

If you have read any of my previous posts (here & here) you will see that I have long been a fan of Viridian Beauty and their fantastic range of products. Each one is scented beautifully and works amazingly well.

My new favourite from their range is their Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil. Encased in a luxurious frosted bottle, it comes with a dropped cap meaning that application is easy and not too messy.

IMG_3558-001 IMG_3560-001Whilst it smells amazing it is not too overpowering and therefore perfect for those people that don’t like their products to be too heavily scented. This oil is blended to aid dry and dehydrated skin, something that I suffer from particularly in the winter months. Containing rose and neroli this product also helps to restore elasticity and firm the skin.

At £32 for 15ml this isn’t the cheapest product but for me it is one of my favourite and I will certainly be repurchasing it once I run out, which I might add will take me a while as you only use a small amount each time.

Also, I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the huge box this product comes in! I love the Viridian packaging but it did make me laugh a little when comparing the product to the box size!

Have you tried Viridian Beauty before?

Organic Skincare

I know that many people have the belief that organic skincare, just like organic food, has a higher price tag than its ‘non-organic’ competitors. This isn’t always true.

Regardless, if it was, I would much rather pay that little bit more for something that will be kind to my skin and not contain a load of chemicals, etc. Wouldn’t you?

Ethical Superstore have a great range of Organic Skincare, featuring some of my favourites such as Green People and Weleda. But of course the most important part is the price.

With prices including a £2.65 lip balm, £10.65  cleanser and a £9.59 toner I think the price point is fantastic and just the same as I would spend on my skincare usually.
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Soak Yourself Soaps

SOAK Yourself

As I explained in my previous post, Smiths of Jersey, it was recently my Nan’s birthday and I decided to take to the internet and hunt down some unique products from brands that I might not otherwise have heard of to give as a gift.

My search firstly led me to Smiths of Jersey, then on to SOAK Yourself.

I will admit to having heard of this company before, as I tried and reviewed one of their Bath Ritual Recipe Kits previously.

However my search directed me in the way of their handmade artisan soaps.

These soaps are made with 100% natural ingredients and no petroleum, mineral oils, parabens, palm oil or artificial fragrances. I am recently more concerned about products being natural and not containing so many ‘bad’ ingrediants so I found this really positive.

Soak Yourself Soaps

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Smiths of Jersey

Smiths of Jersey

It was recently my Nan’s birthday and I spent ages fussing over what to buy her. My main problem is that anything that she wants she buys; this leaves me without a wish list to peruse.

I decided to take to the internet and hunt down some unique products from brands that I might not otherwise have heard of.

My search firstly led me to Smiths of Jersey.

Created by Sue, Smiths of Jersey is a company based in Jersey – surprisingly! Their products are organic and have acquired the highest accolade from Ecocert to achieve full certification on all of their beauty products as being natural and organic.

I am sure you agree this is great news and means that you know their products will be great for your skin – or that of others if you are giving their products as a gift like me.

The product I decided to purchase for my Nan’s birthday is their Marine Rich Detoxifying Bath & Shower Wash. This product is rich in organic barley sprout floral water, with detoxifying and toning marine extracts and papaya extracts.

Smiths of Jersey

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Ultimate Beauty Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil

Viridian Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil

The constant movement between the boiling hot outdoors and air-con cool indoors isn’t doing wonders for my skin, and I have especially noticed that my cuticles seem to be suffering!

I will admit to never really giving my nails too much attention. Short of visiting the spa/a salon for a manicure I usually leave them bare, obviously I trim and file them when necessary.

I was concerned about my cuticles and the skin around my nails though as it was becoming dry and slightly sore in places. I stumbled across the Ultimate Beauty Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil from Viridian which seemed like just the ticket!

Ultimate Beauty Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil

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