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Joshua James Jewellery – Pandora

A classic piece of jewellery is such a great investment piece because it will see you through years to come. Whilst I sometimes like cheaper, bolder statement pieces I know that in a few years time I will fall out of love with them and as they are usually fairly cheap I won’t be concerned about passing them down as heirlooms!

I am really trying to introduce a little more jewellery in to my life. I have some gorgeous pieces but I tend to throw on some clothes and go, not thinking about adding some jewellery or accessories. In fact people always point out how little jewellery I wear!

As part of my bid to dress things up a little more this Pandora bracelet and Pink & Purple Pave Sparkles Charm made their way in to my life. This charm is part of the brand new Pandora range at Joshua James Jewellery and it is absolutely stunning. The colours are beautiful and in the sunlight this charm sparkles and shines.

Pandora Packaging
Pandora Silver Bracelet

Pandora Silver Bracelet

Pandora Charm

Whilst at £55 each these pieces aren’t the cheapest, I love that you can choose from a variety of charms and change them depending on your outfit choice. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of the bulky Pandora bracelets, full of charms. I think they can look a little tacky. However by adding just a few, select charms to this bracelet you can have something that is both interesting and classy.

I purchased a Pandora bracelet for my mum a few months ago and it is nice to know that on special occasions I can treat her to a charm that has a back story, a little bit of history, to it. Not only is this a beautiful piece of arm candy but it also holds a meaning – which I think always makes things that little bit more special.

Pandora bracelets comes in a variety of different sizes and that means you can ensure you get one the perfect fit for you. Often with other bracelets that come in a standard size, I find they are either huge or far too tight to wear comfortably. I purchased the 18 inch chain and it fits comfortably around my wrist without being too lose or too tight.

I can’t wait to pop to a Pandora store and stock up on a few more charms!

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? What’s the story behind your charms?

Guest Post: Megan @ Emmie Gee

Firstly, thank you so much to Katrina for letting me post on her blog, I have been a reader for a while and thoroughly enjoy her content. Secondly Hi, I’m Megan, I normally blog over at So, the post!;

Gold and silver; the classic and chic colours when it comes to accessories. Here is pretty much all of my ‘precious metal (looky-like!) jewellery, I recently had my 21st birthday which bulked it out considerably! There is something about a gold or silver accessory that will just instantly add a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to whatever you are wearing. The majority of my pieces are silver as I think that is what works best with my colouring. If you want to see my collection of colourful pieces, then head over to my blog, where I will have a post on them.  So, without further ado, I will take you through the pieces above (don’t worry, not all of them!!).

1 2

The Watch: This beauty was a very generous 21st +up-coming graduation present; it is a Raymond Weil, Geneve, rose gold and silver watch.  It has a mother of pearl watch face with intricate diamonds set around it, it is this detail that I think makes it so exquisite!  I wear this mostly if I am going for a meal or an evening event, but it also adorns my wrists for a lot of casual every-days. Never nights out though, far too terrified of something happening! It looks equally as lovely with an LBD as it does with my work uniform or standard uni get up of jeans and sweater.

The rings: These rings cover both the spend and splurge categories. The above knuckle ring came from Raspberrygrape a lovely online shop filled with unique little pieces. I think this ring gives a very ‘cool’ ‘boho-y’ vibe and love wearing it with my casual outfits. The leaf design ring has a gorgeous shape to it, and four little diamonds add a bit of sparkle. This is my ‘dressing up’ ring but I also tend to just where it on a daily basis as it is quite understated and elegant.

The earrings:  All these earrings came from Topshop, I find it has some really good quirky and statement pieces. I actually have my ears pierced 6 times, but quite rarely do I wear earrings, especially all of them at once!  When I do though, I love to wear odd pairs to add interest to a casual or grunge-y outfit. With dangly pieces I wear my hair up, usually in a messy bun or plaited up-do.

The bracelet: I’m sure you would have seen a Links of London or Pandora bracelet before, so I won’t bore you with them. Instead I will talk about the dainty leaf-like bracelet, studded with dainty diamonds, a perfect match for my ring. Yet funnily enough, the items were 2 different presents, from 2 different people at completely different times! This piece is gorgeous and intricate, the perfect accompaniment to a knock-out ‘posh event’ dress when paired with the ‘leaf’ ring and some simple diamond studs. The only issue with this kind of bracelet is that it’s a ‘mare to get it to sit right on your wrist!

So here you go! Let me know about your favourite jewellery pieces! Once again, a huge thank you to Katrina for letting me post on her fabulous blog. If you have any questions about any of the pieces I have mentioned, or any others in the photo, then do not hesitate to tweet me @emmiegeeblog. Thanks! xx

Zophra Jewellery

This Christmas there is little that will make the woman in your life “ooh” than a new piece of jewellery. A beautifully wrapped, statement piece of jewellery will do even better! That’s where Zophra come in.

Zophra are an online jewellery boutique and feature some gorgeous jewellery in the latest trends. Not only that but their packaging is absolutely stunning – just look at these boxes! No effort required is the best way at Christmas too.


With prices ranging from just £3.00 for a necklace and £3.00 for a set of earrings the store won’t blow your budget either! I selected these two beautiful pieces from their range – the Ringed gold necklace (£15.00) and Gold flower necklace (£16.00). I was truly astounded at the beauty of the pieces, especially for the price!





They are of great quality and certainly look like they cost a lost more than they did too! These would make the perfect treat for yourself, a friend, family member or even a secret Santa! With a huge range of different types of jewellery there is something for everyone – but be quick before I buy the whole range!

JJDR House of Bijoux

I am desperately trying to get in to accessorising. It’s not that I don’t have any jewellery or other accessories, I have lots, but I am either too lazy or not creative enough to combine it with my outfit.

I normally just get dressed and go.

But I feel my outfits lack a little something, they could easily be dressed up and adapted by adding a statement necklace or pair of earrings. So I have been on the hunt for some unusual pieces to add a bit of glamour and interest to my clothing.

JJDR House of Bijoux is just the brand to help me do this, with their vast collection of beautiful jewels. Ranging from a very affordable £3 upwards there are some absolutely stunning pieces that I have not seen elsewhere.

The price point of these pieces is perfect for me as I don’t want to invest too heavily when I am still trying out the whole accessorising thing!IMG_2372

I received the Pave Crystal Drop Earrings (£11.50), Pave Crystal Mesh Bracelet (£12.50) and the Onyx Faceted Drop Earrings (£8.00).

The earrings really impressed me on delivery; they are absolutely stunning and look a lot more expensive than they are! They will be perfect for a night out or an afternoon tea date. The bracelet is really lovely too and will help me to start dressing up more casual outfits.

JJDR House of Bijoux will most definitely be my go-to jewellery shop from now on and I cannot wait to place a second order!

Argento Jewellery

Argento Jewellery

If you speak to anybody that I know they will tell you they rarely see me without jewellery. It’s not that I don’t have any, nor that I don’t like it but I simply don’t think to put any on when I get dressed. Exceptions given for the odd occasion I may decide to wear a statement necklace.

But this little gem from Argento is a welcome addition to my jewellery box. It is so simple yet pretty, and it is really easy to just slip on and go.

The colour of the Karma Small Hearts Bracelet allows it to work with almost any outfit and the heart detailing is perfect for AW13!

Argento Jewellery
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