Housewarming Party on a Budget

The excitement of purchasing and moving in to your first home as a first time buyer is huge, unfortunately it is a fair way off my radar! But for those of us not quite so adept at saving there is always renting, and living in a couple of homes this way has allowed me to organise and throw a few housewarming parties!

There is nothing better than gathering your friends and family to celebrate a new chapter in your life, within a new home. But with all the expense of moving itself, the legal fees and even the cost of that John Lewis sofa you must have or the Fortnum and Mason hamper basket that would make an oh-so-cute coffee table – throwing a party is an extra expense that isn’t always at the forefront of your mind.

But the event needn’t be expensive; your friends and family will be well aware of the money you have already spent to be in that position and won’t be expecting Champagne and caviar – well at least I would hope not… and if they are perhaps you can try new mobile bingo games and win a little extra for your party budget!

A great way to beat huge costs is to make the party BYOB or invite each guest to bring a food dish with them. Having guests bring food or alcohol with them means that you are spending less as everybody is contributing. Food and drink will be the main expense of your party so if you can negate those costs then you avoid splashing out.

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However, sometimes people can feel a little awkward about getting their guests to bring their own food. If this is you then do not fear as there are still other options that will allow you to provide for all your guests but not spend a fortune. Visit a supermarket or a chain store such as Iceland for party food. Usually costing just a few pounds per pack or on one offer or another these are easy ways to fill your table at low cost. Avoid employing a caterer for your event as the cost for this will be a lot more – plus you will be liable to pay for loss or damage to any plates, trays, etc you may hire.

Decorations! A key part of any party, but an unnaturally large expense a lot of the time. My number one destination for party decorations is eBay; they offer such a wide variety of balloons, banners and table decorations that you are bound to find something suitable and within budget.

If you’ve thrown a housewarming party before – do you have any advice on hosting it on a budget?

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Home Improvements

Since moving out from my parents and beginning to settle in to my new home I have been looking for easy ways to decorate – without spending too much!

At the moment my house is pretty plain and bland, the walls are white and door frames cream… which I admit wouldn’t be my choice but somebody obviously like it at one time. I have tried to add splashes of colour with bright statement pieces of furniture and canvases on the wall but I would really love to do a lot more.

I am not great at DIY but after browsing online and having a read of this eBook I reckon I could give it a try! If all fails half way through I am sure a decorator/my dad will come to my rescue! Chase construction can also help out if there are any construction issues.

My dream updates would be:

Statement wallpaper in the living room: I love this one from B&Q, it is a gorgeous colour and would be perfect to brighten up the place. It also goes with my current purple colour scheme!
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Making a house a home

It is easy to forget just how much there is to consider when it comes to furnishing a home.

Whilst you might have selected your sofa, purchased the latest smart TV and selected a coffee table; it is the soft furnishings and small details that really pull a room together and add a pop of colour.

Accessorising a room needn’t be a chore, not need it leave a room looking cluttered and full. If you are looking for the minimalistic look then it is easy to add a few small pieces and still leave your surfaces and spaces looking relatively clean and empty.

Currently one of my favourite places to accessorise is my bedroom. It is a place of sanctuary that I want to make as cosy as possible, particularly over the cold winter months.

It’s also one of the easiest rooms to accessorise with such a wide range of home furnishings available from stores such as Homebase.

Typically I start with my bedding as this is often a primary focus in the room. Pull colours from your wallpaper or paint and adapt this in to patterns and prints on your duvet.

Personally I love this duvet set from Habitat. It would suit a variety of rooms due to the range of colours in it. It’s also modern looking with a clean structured design.

If you’re looking for something a little cuter then this teacup cushion is the perfect soft furnishing. Buy one or two to ensure your bed is suitably comfortable for you to rest your head on! This pillow would look great for a girly room with a bit of bunting and white furnishings.

It really would be far too easy to spend a small fortune on accessorising, updating and decorating the house but don’t feel like you need to do it all at once! Often rooms can be updated simply with a new duvet set until you have the funds to re-do it entirely.

What style would your ideal room be?

Scilly Flowers

Scilly Flowers

I just thought I would put together a quick post on some beautiful flowers I recently received through the post from Scilly Flowers.

Based on the Isles of Scilly these beautifully scented flowers are send directly to your house, through your letterbox, saving you the hassle of visiting a florist or store to get some flowers to brighten up your home!

Considering that these flowers are picked from the farm, travel by boat the mainland and then through the postal system they were so fresh and in perfect condition. You don’t have to worry about the quality with these!

Scilly Flowers
Scilly Flowers

Scilly Flowers

Not only are the flowers lovely but they smell gorgeous and with prices for them starting from only £10.50 including postage you can afford to treat yourself to a bouquet or two!

Of course, you don’t have to just keep these to yourself as they would make a great gift for a friend or family member too.

I will most certainly be ordering from Scilly Flowers in the future!


Cable and Cotton

Cable and Cotton – “Glow” Lights

When I moved home I was looking of ways to accessorize and decorate my new room to make it feel more my own. I have always looked at pictures on Instagram and Pintrest of pictures of fairy lights and loved the ambience that they gave a room.

However previous purchases of fairy lights didn’t work out so well as they seemed to die almost as soon as you replaced a battery! So instead I looked for something different and came across Cable & Cotton on Twitter.

They have a range of fairy lights that are incased in various different coloured balls. You can choose a pre-selected collection or instead opt to create your own and personalise the colours of the balls yourself.

I really liked the Glow set (here) which retails at £22.95.

Cable and Cotton

Cable and CottonOn arrival the set surprised me a little as I didn’t realise you had to “build” the lights yourself, however there was a full instruction sheet and the task wasn’t too difficult. I guess it helps to ensure that the lights aren’t damaged during transit too!

You simply pop a fairy light through each ball; pull tight to ensure they stay and you are ready to decorate your house!

Cable and Cotton

Cable and Cotton

Cable and CottonThese look super cute round a door or bed frame and I quite like them bunched up on a dressing table or in a nook too. I am really pleased with them and when I eventually purchase my own home they will be absolutely everywhere!