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Housewarming Party on a Budget

The excitement of purchasing and moving in to your first home as a first time buyer is huge, unfortunately it is a fair way off my radar! But for those of us not quite so adept at saving there is always renting, and living in a couple of homes this way has allowed me to […]

Home Improvements

Since moving out from my parents and beginning to settle in to my new home I have been looking for easy ways to decorate – without spending too much! At the moment my house is pretty plain and bland, the walls are white and door frames cream… which I admit wouldn’t be my choice but […]

Making a house a home

It is easy to forget just how much there is to consider when it comes to furnishing a home. Whilst you might have selected your sofa, purchased the latest smart TV and selected a coffee table; it is the soft furnishings and small details that really pull a room together and add a pop of […]

Scilly Flowers

I just thought I would put together a quick post on some beautiful flowers I recently received through the post from Scilly Flowers. Based on the Isles of Scilly these beautifully scented flowers are send directly to your house, through your letterbox, saving you the hassle of visiting a florist or store to get some […]