Guest Post: Megan @ Emmie Gee

Firstly, thank you so much to Katrina for letting me post on her blog, I have been a reader for a while and thoroughly enjoy her content. Secondly Hi, I’m Megan, I normally blog over at So, the post!;

Gold and silver; the classic and chic colours when it comes to accessories. Here is pretty much all of my ‘precious metal (looky-like!) jewellery, I recently had my 21st birthday which bulked it out considerably! There is something about a gold or silver accessory that will just instantly add a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to whatever you are wearing. The majority of my pieces are silver as I think that is what works best with my colouring. If you want to see my collection of colourful pieces, then head over to my blog, where I will have a post on them.  So, without further ado, I will take you through the pieces above (don’t worry, not all of them!!).

1 2

The Watch: This beauty was a very generous 21st +up-coming graduation present; it is a Raymond Weil, Geneve, rose gold and silver watch.  It has a mother of pearl watch face with intricate diamonds set around it, it is this detail that I think makes it so exquisite!  I wear this mostly if I am going for a meal or an evening event, but it also adorns my wrists for a lot of casual every-days. Never nights out though, far too terrified of something happening! It looks equally as lovely with an LBD as it does with my work uniform or standard uni get up of jeans and sweater.

The rings: These rings cover both the spend and splurge categories. The above knuckle ring came from Raspberrygrape a lovely online shop filled with unique little pieces. I think this ring gives a very ‘cool’ ‘boho-y’ vibe and love wearing it with my casual outfits. The leaf design ring has a gorgeous shape to it, and four little diamonds add a bit of sparkle. This is my ‘dressing up’ ring but I also tend to just where it on a daily basis as it is quite understated and elegant.

The earrings:  All these earrings came from Topshop, I find it has some really good quirky and statement pieces. I actually have my ears pierced 6 times, but quite rarely do I wear earrings, especially all of them at once!  When I do though, I love to wear odd pairs to add interest to a casual or grunge-y outfit. With dangly pieces I wear my hair up, usually in a messy bun or plaited up-do.

The bracelet: I’m sure you would have seen a Links of London or Pandora bracelet before, so I won’t bore you with them. Instead I will talk about the dainty leaf-like bracelet, studded with dainty diamonds, a perfect match for my ring. Yet funnily enough, the items were 2 different presents, from 2 different people at completely different times! This piece is gorgeous and intricate, the perfect accompaniment to a knock-out ‘posh event’ dress when paired with the ‘leaf’ ring and some simple diamond studs. The only issue with this kind of bracelet is that it’s a ‘mare to get it to sit right on your wrist!

So here you go! Let me know about your favourite jewellery pieces! Once again, a huge thank you to Katrina for letting me post on her fabulous blog. If you have any questions about any of the pieces I have mentioned, or any others in the photo, then do not hesitate to tweet me @emmiegeeblog. Thanks! xx

Guest Post: Patricia @ Peexo

I’m so excited to be writing a guest post for Katrina here on the Carousel Diary! I love Katrina’s blog and as soon as she mentioned she was looking for bloggers to guest post I jumped at the opportunity!

I’m Patricia and I’m a fashion blogger over on peexo.

So, fittingly, today my guest post will be a fashion post. We’re finally in spring! It took a while but we’re finally here (if you’re from the UK keep your fingers crossed that the rain doesn’t surprise us too often haha).

Pastels are massive this spring and rightfully so! There are some gorgeous pastel pieces out there so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to buying new pieces for your spring/summer wardrobe collection. I have my fair share of pastel pieces and today I’ll be sharing an outfit with you!

This is what I wore on the first day of spring:

IMG_0273 IMG_0276 IMG_0287

Outfit: White fluffy cropped jumper – Missguided // Pink high waisted shorts – Missguided // Cream shoes – Dorothy Perkins // Pink clutch – Primark

Accessories: Purple floral statement necklace – River Island // Spiked bracelet – Topshop // Beaded bracelet – Michael Kors // Chunky gold watch – GUESS // Gold rings – H&M, Forever 21, River Island

I hope you liked this spring time look!

Katrina and I would love to read your comments so leave as many as you like below 🙂 I’d love it if all of you Carousel Diary readers came over to say hello on my blog too! Let me know if you do stop by.

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Salon Confidential

If you’re a fine haired lady like myself, you’ll probably know that creating full and voluminous hair that keeps its style all night is almost impossible and more often than not hair extensions become an essential when wanting to create that Cheryl-esque bouncy blow-dry. Clip in hair extensions haven’t generally got the best reputation and are often considered complicated and fake looking, but after trying the Salon Confidential Volume Wave Clip-Ins I can safely say that the quality of hair extensions have improved no end and are enough to convert any extension-phobe. The Salon Confidential Clip-In Hair Extensions were created by celebrity hair stylist Stephanie Stevenson using ethically sourced modafibre material, which emulates the look and feel of real hair. They have even been used behind the scenes on television shows such as The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing!

Included in the Volume Wave Clip In set are 12 Clip & Go extensions and a care guide with a step by step basic fitting method for your hair. I have been using the Volume Wave Clip-In Extensions in Lightest Blonde and the first thing that struck me about the hair was how multi-tonal the colour was. The honey blonde locks glisten with subtle highlights of bright platinum blonde which gave a beautifully natural appearance. Another huge plus is that the hair is already pre-styled and have a really nice weight to them, which means you can ‘Clip & Go’ in under 5 minutes – Leaving you with natural-looking bouncy hair without the fuss of blow-drying and products.

Salon Confidential ONE

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Seaside Fashion Outfit

Guest Post: Seaside

Hi all, I’m Nicola. I usually blog at isayimposterista but today I’m moonlighting over here. Now, anyone who knows me will know that I am OB-SESSED with carousels, who wouldn’t be right? So when I was trying to decide on a post for Carousel Diary, I thought, hey! I’ll do a “what I’d wear to the Great British seaside” post, because when I think of the seaside, I think of carousels.

Seaside Fashion Outfit

I went for the 60s look with this Dahlia dress, and kept to the look with the satchel and the loafers. I love straw boaters, they just scream seaside to me, and I finished off the look with some blue ankle socks, cat eye sunglasses and some lovely coral lipstick. To me, a perfect sea air breathing, ice cream eating, carousel riding outfit, no?

I’ll let you in on a little secret; I actually bought this dress yesterday as a little treat to myself for finishing uni forever. Hooray! I can’t wait for it to come, maybe I’ll wear it to the seaside next time I go.

Vinyl Clock

Vinyl Clocks Review

Guest post by Matthew Dean

Vinyl is one of those things in life that is hard not to love. Personally, I find everything about vinyl cool. The look, the feel, the smell. As a DJ living in a now digital age, but having learnt on turntables and vinyl, I have developed a respect for the medium that will never leave me.

My girlfriend and I have recently moved home and I’m still in the process of arranging my home studio exactly how I want it. So when I came home from work and Katrina presented me with a Vinyl Clock, I was over the moon! What a perfect compliment to my beloved studio!


The box it came in was nicely designed and contained the clock securely in a polystyrene case, making it extremely difficult for any accidents to occur during transit!

Upon opening the case, I was presented with a Beatles 7″ single featuring ‘She Loves You/I’ll Get You’ – very cool! On this occasion, the vinyl was selected at random but on the Vinyl Clocks website there is a huge range to choose from of both 12″ and 7″ vinyls, picture vinyls and even cover artwork.

The clock mechanism itself is very securely attached and contains a hook on the back to easily mount onto any wall. The hands of the clock are gold which looks great in contrast to the black vinyl. Not much more to report there – it does its job and that’s to tell the time!


The website is smart, nicely laid out, easy to navigate and conveniently it uses PayPal as payment method. Considering the time it takes to source vinyls in good enough condition to use for display and to then mount the clock mechanism securely without damaging the vinyl, the pricing is very reasonable indeed starting from £13.95!

So, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not grab one now for the music lover in your life? Or even just for yourself! I am delighted with mine and know that you will be too.