Nike Blazers

Nike Blazer at JD Sports

I have never much been one for sensible shoes, proven by the fact that my choice of footwear for freezing cold Stockholm before Christmas was a pair of pumps.

However with it getting colder and me feeling like I might just need to add to my casual footwear collection, I was tempted by some Nike Blazer trainers from JD Sports. Their wide range of Nike trainers had me stumped for choice, however I have frequently added Blazers to my wishlist and thought that now was the perfect time to add them to my collection!

Nike Blazers

Nike Blazers

I went for a cool grey colour; the perfect addition to a variety of outfits. Great for throwing on when you need to pop to the shops on a lazy Sunday, but equally as good for casual Friday at work with a pair of trainers and a jacket. These versatile little things are really adorable and whilst I first thought that they might feel a little clumpy to somebody who is used to pumps, they are actually very comfortable and fit perfectly to the size of my feet.

I take a UK5/EU38 and in my opinion these shoes are true to size, I don’t feel like I need to have sized up or down even by half a size.

Not only do these solve the issue of cold feet in the winter, but come summer they would be the perfect footwear choice for a festival – just add a pair of denim shorts and a cami top! Clothing and footwear that I wear throughout a variety of seasons is a personal favourite thing of mine because it then means I have transitional staples that I can mix and match other items from my wardrobe with.

Even better these little things are reduced to just £40 instead of £70 at JD Sports.

So, what do you think – are you tempted by adding some Nike Blazers to your wardrobe?


Mrs D and G’s Tighten & Tone Wraps Review

Trust me when I say I am as pessimistic as the best of your when it comes to wonder diet and slimming products. If they all worked that well anybody who wanted to be skinny magically would be. But obviously that is not the case and so when I trial any slimming/diet product I do so with an air of doubt about how well it will actually work.

But when I find one that actually works I like to shout about it from the rooftops! You will know I previously had a body wrap professionally done at home, review here, with great inch loss from all around my body. This time I am reviewing a body wrap that you do yourself!

Mrs D and G’s Tighten and Tone Wraps are a non-woven cloth wrap that you apply to any area of your body that you have a particular concern about. Whether that’s love handles, a double chin or maybe a little extra weight on your arms.

IMG_3597-001 IMG_3599-001 IMG_3600-001

To use you simply remove it from its packaging and wrap it around the particular area. Once on you will need to place something over the top to hold it there, try using cling film or a particularly tight top. I used a sauna wrap belt that I purchased on eBay and it worked well to hold it tight.

On your first use of the product you are recommended to use it for just 45 minutes in case of any irritation from the ingredients, on your subsequent uses you are able to use it for longer and get better results.  The cloth has been infused with a powerful and natural botanically-based formula to deliver the best tightening, toning and firming results.

The wrap was easy to apply, although a bit sticky trying to open it up from folded, and smelt delicious – really minty! After a few minutes of being on the wrap began to tingle a bit, but not unpleasantly as you could tell that it was the menthol that was causing the effect. It actually felt quite nice and refreshing after a while! My favourite part is you get to lie back and relax for 45 minutes whilst the wrap works its magic.

The best bit? The results are progressive over 72 hours! Obviously if you eat a big pizza and an Indian takeaway the next day this may not work so well, but they are a great addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The results? I placed the wrap over my waist and hips as this is an area I am particularly concerned about of late, I was pleased to awake to a 4.5 inch total loss from these areas which I think it great! These wraps would be the perfect cheat way to fit in to you LBD on a night out!

You can purchase a pack of 4 wraps for £49.50, here, which makes each wrap £12.38 each. Not the cheapest but it certainly works which I think makes it a good investment.

I am off to stock up on some more so I can cheat my way in to a bandage dress!

Have you tried an inch-loss body wrap before?

Slendertox Tea Review

Since giving up coffee and attempting to embark on a healthier lifestyle, I have been looking at things that I can have in addition to my daily meals that will help to boost weight loss and improve my general well-being.

I always find that tea is a great place to start when looking for the above as it is an enjoyable treat and the ingredients in some teas can really work wonders! I love nothing better than peppermint tea for a hangover.

My search led me to Slendertox Tea, they offer a range of different teas that help to encourage healthy weight loss, boost metabolism and detoxify your system. They are also a great source of essential vitamins which is always a plus.

There are two versions of the tea; daytox and nighttox. The names are pretty self-explanatory, the first you take within 30 minutes of waking up and the second you drink before you go to bed. Slendertox offer 14, 28 and 3 month packages depending on how dedicated you are!

IMG_3570-001 IMG_3572-001 IMG_3576-001

I selected the 14 day to give me a taster of just what these teas are all about. The 14 day daytox is £13.99 or 14 day nighttox is £9.99, or you can purchase the two together for £19.99.

I am half way through my 14 day course and whilst I am not 2 stone lighter (sadly!) I am feeling the benefits of the product. I wake up feeling that little bit fresher and the tea is actually very enjoyable, something that can’t be said for all “healthy” teas!

You should brew these teas in cold or warm, but not boiling, water and let them steep for around 7-8 minutes.

I have also just purchased the Slendertox Slender Slimming Patches and will let you know how I get on with them too!

You can purchase Slendertox Tea here.

PSST…. Use code “tweet15” to get 15% off your order!


JuiceTou is a 3 or 5 day detox plan that helps to boost your metabolism, increase the radiance of your skin and much more! You can find the long list of benefits here.

It is made up of 4 bottles of juice a day, which contain just blended fruit and/or vegetables.

Containing vitamins, minerals, nutrients and all the goodness that your body requires for a healthy body and mind, these juices will help flush toxins from your body – alongside the 2 litres of water that you are advised to drink each day.

I trialled the 3 day detox and thought I would give you a little run down of how it went!


I start my day with a bottle of “Clean Green” which features the following ingredients: Spinach, cucumber, celery, apples and limes.

Whilst I must admit that green drinks don’t always look the most appatising, and this is the one I was least looking forward to, that it is actually really nice! The overpowering taste is cucumber, which I love, so that suits me fine. You can taste a hint of the lime but the other ingredients blend together nicely.

Come 12pm I am ready for my next drink, I will admit that on my first day I was SO hungry between the two drinks but I think this is because I was overthinking not being able to eat lunch. I drank a litre of water in the morning which helped a little.

My lunchtime drink is a bottle of “Let’s Glow” which contains: oranges, apples, kiwi, grapes and strawberries.

It’s really fruity, as you would expect, but doesn’t have a sweet edge to it. I think I am use to processed smoothies and fruit juices with their sugary aftertaste, but as this is pure it doesn’t have that. It’s nice however and easy to drink!

This is followed by a 3pm “Clean Green” and then for my 6pm dinner I have a “Berry Good”. Containing pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, apples and rasberries this tastes incredibly fruity and a bit.. yoghurt like? It’s delicious and I have no problems drinking it in just a few minutes!

The same routine is repeated for the 3 days, which is absolutely fine and would only get monotonous if you were perhaps doing it for longer/on a more regular basis.

Although I was going to bed feeling hungry the first two nights, by the third I didn’t feel so bad and actually felt a lot more awake in myself.

I am really glad that I did this detox as it has given my health a good kick and allowed me to start my healthy eating from a good starting position.

The 3 day detox is priced at £79 and the 5 day detox is £129, you can purchase them here.

Gym Cube

As part of my new healthy lifestyle regime I have been looking in to exercise. I have never really been a fan of sport or exercise but as I start to get older I know that I need to start putting in a little more effort – plus I will feel less guilty about eating something naughty if I have burnt some calories off first!

I have visited gyms in the past but I really don’t like them. I always feel everybody is watching me look disgustingly hot and sweaty, even though they probably aren’t! So instead I have looked for things I can do in the comfort of my own home and fit around my life.

There is a website called Gym Cube that does just this. At a cost of £5.95 a month you can access an unlimited amount of pre-recorded and live gym classes. There is a timetable which you can stick to like you would at a real gym if you prefer that, or you can take your pick from their extensive list anytime day or night.


With classes from Ravefit to yoga, combat and abs blast there is something for every possible mood or target area that you wish to focus on.

In the lead up to Christmas they have launched a “The Little Black Dress Workout” which I am following at the moment. If you’re interested in this we are on session 4 now but don’t worry as you can access previous classes through the anytime section of the website and catch up.



This class is great and focuses on all the areas you want to tone in order to look fabulous in that LBD come Christmas time.

I really would recommend Gym Cube if you are like me and worry about others seeing you exercise! Hopefully this will help kick-start my healthy lifestyle regime and build an interest in exercise.

PS If you sign up today you can get a free 10 day trial to test it out!