Surania Custom Bikini

Surania Custom Bikini

It’s a struggle I have seen common on Twitter and one I have faced often too – just where do you find a bikini to fit? Shops like Primark and New Look do a great range of bikinis but the sizing just never works. If they are in a set pack you often end up with a bikini top that fits but bottoms that don’t, or vice versa.

Fear not however, our prayers have been answered and now you really can get a bikini, tankini or swimsuit to fit you perfectly!

Surania are based in Europe but ship worldwide. In essence what they offer is the opportunity for you to custom build and design your idea bikini. You can then choose to either use standard UK or EU measurements for both your top and bottom, or alternatively you can submit your own personal measurements and have something that fits like a glove!

The process is really easy and the system on the website is simple to understand. You can select which style top and bottom you want and are giving a range of other options such as adding frills, beads, etc. Once you have selected the standard shape and style of your pieces you then move on to choosing the colour or pattern.

What I was really impressed with was the vast range of different patterns and colours available; in fact so much so that it was hard to choose just one print! When selecting the colour/pattern you are able to choose different styles for each part of  the bikini. For example, selecting a print for the main body of the bikini bottoms but a different one for the strap that runs through it.

Surania Custom Bikini

Surania Custom Bikini

Prices are variable depending on what style you choose and also whether you want a full bikini or just invidiual pieces, but as a base price a full bikini starts from £28 – which actually I think is a reasonable price considering the price tags of some tops alone in department stores.

Shipping can take up to 15 days, as I mentioned before it ships from mainland Europe, but as long as you know to order in advance this is no problem. Plus I always expect to wait a little bit longer for a custom piece anyway!

On receiving my bikini I couldn’t be happier. I love the print that I chose, one of their new in for SS 2015, and it contrasted beautifully with the white too. Whilst I selected UK measurements for my bikini instead of submitting custom ones it fits really well and is comfortable too. The product is of high quality and I can be sure that this will survive many a holiday and dip in the pool!

I really couldn’t recommend the Surania service more and I think it will truly be a godsend for many that struggle with bikini shopping.


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