Styling a Luxury Bedroom

We all sit daydreaming about exactly how we would decorate our home given the chance – don’t we? The problem is my opinion on different styles changes so often that I think, when I finally get around to decorating and furnishing my own home, I will want to change it every few months!

Currently I am all over the luxury look. With luxe accessories, large beds and thick plush carpets this is the epitome of glam and is something I have seen (and admired) on many an Instagram account.

Of course the staple of any bedroom is the bed. For this I am looking at something overly large, glam and luxurious. This gorgeous king size bed is exactly what I have been looking for. Of course you would need a fair size room to sit this in, but knocking down a wall or two is acceptable in the quest for the perfect bedroom – right?

My next main feature is a mirror large enough to see your entire family in at once. The focal point of a central wall and perfect for taking those OOTD selfies in, an ornate mirror is a beautiful addition to any room but especially perfect for your master bedroom. Furniture-VillageOf course, alongside these focal pieces you will need to stock up on some great accessories. Candles are a great thing to have in the bedroom; leaving your room scented for long after the flame is extinguished, as are diffusers. I also love to have some personal touches; from photo frames with photos of your memories to canvases with unique prints (like this one I featured recently) it all adds to making your bedroom your own and being a place you enjoy spending your time.

With a comfy bed, a few personal touches and a mirror to check on your latest outfit – there isn’t much more you could need!


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