Steamcream – Limited Edition Thalia Tin

I have seen Steamcream all over beauty blogs for a long time now but have never given it a try.  Had heard only positive things so had high expectations of the product, something it certainly didn’t disappoint on!

Steamcream is an all body moisturiser with a difference. It is produced using top-quality ingredients and, as the name suggests, a steam process. The steam process makes the cream more effective for use on the skin and it fuses the ingredients instantly and holds them together in a loose emulsion. The cream is incredibly light and easily absorbed; I am converted from the thick body moisturisers I previously used!

IMG_3528-002 IMG_3532-001 IMG_3534-001

This particular tin is the Limited Edition Thalia version, retailing at £12.95, and the pattern on it gorgeous. As I am sure you are aware, not only is Steamcream an amazing product but they also produce a range of wonderfully designed tins to brighten up any dressing table!

The product smells heavily of lavender which I love as it’s perfect to use before bedtime, ensuring you are left both suitably moisturised and relaxed. Containing antioxidants and vitamin E your skin will be left soft and supple.

Overall I am really impressed with the results of Steamcream, I have had some patches of dry skin due to the winter (cold weather and central heating aren’t the best mix) but this has really helped to soothe and restore them.

View the range of Steamcream tins here.


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