Smiths of Jersey

It was recently my Nan’s birthday and I spent ages fussing over what to buy her. My main problem is that anything that she wants she buys; this leaves me without a wish list to peruse.

I decided to take to the internet and hunt down some unique products from brands that I might not otherwise have heard of.

My search firstly led me to Smiths of Jersey.

Created by Sue, Smiths of Jersey is a company based in Jersey – surprisingly! Their products are organic and have acquired the highest accolade from Ecocert to achieve full certification on all of their beauty products as being natural and organic.

I am sure you agree this is great news and means that you know their products will be great for your skin – or that of others if you are giving their products as a gift like me.

The product I decided to purchase for my Nan’s birthday is their Marine Rich Detoxifying Bath & Shower Wash. This product is rich in organic barley sprout floral water, with detoxifying and toning marine extracts and papaya extracts.

Smiths of Jersey

The product promises to lather up and leave skin feeling supple and revitalised.

At £19.95 this product isn’t cheap; however it is the perfect for giving as a gift because it really is a treat.

What my Nan said:

“I had not heard of this brand before so I was interested in seeing what their products would be like. The bath and shower wash is very lovely and I liked the scent. It does exactly what it promises and I have been enjoying using it. This takes pride of place on my bathroom shelf and I save it for special occasions!”



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