Shrinking Violet

Hello! I hope you’re all having a good weekend!

I’ve heard a lot about the Shrinking Violet body wrap and wanted to try it for myself! I had seen a lot of pictures on twitter of the results and they were amazing!

I got in contact with Lisa Barnes, who offers the service in Essex, and on Friday she came round to show me what it was all about!

To start with you are measured – everywhere! 5 measurements of each leg are taken, plus your stomach, back and arms. This is so that after the treatment you can see what difference there has been

After this Lisa dry brushed my body to prepare and then applied the Shrinking Violet oil. This smelt delicious, of lavender and all things relaxing! Then the fun bit starts. You are wrapped up in what is akin to a large roll of cling film! This feels slightly tight but not uncomfortable.

Once this is done you have to slide yourself in to the heated blanket and relax for an hour. I need one these heated blankets at home, I never wanted to leave!

Whilst the body wrap was on I also had a Faith Lift facial. Faith Lift is basically a face mask but it has amazing results, it is impossible to talk whilst on your face. It’s a struggle not to talk or laugh! This is left on for half an hour before it is steamed and cleansed off. The results of this alone were great. Although I don’t have great wrinkles yet I do have fine lines under my eyes, after just this one mask they were visibly reduced and my skin looked radiant! Lisa couldn’t stop looking at it!

Soon after the hour was up on my body wrap. I got out of the blanket, much to my dismay, and the wrap was taken off. Lisa then proceeded to remeasure me and find out the results.

Over all I lost 7.5 inches across my body, mainly from my legs. I was really impressed! The difference was noticeable in before/after pictures too, especially on my waist.

The Shrinking Violet wrap costs £60 and the Faith Lift facial is £20, but it’s totally worth it! Especially with a block of treatments you would see amazing results!

I do have before & after pictures but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to put them up!



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