View from the Shard

Yesterday I woke up to the foggiest day I had seen all year – and it just so happened to be the same day I had planned to visit View from the Shard. You can imagine my disdain. However, thankfully the weather cleared a fair amount by the time I left for London so I instead looked forward to my trip up the Shard and the views from the top.

On arrival at the Shard there is a Disneyland type reception area with dramatic music and screens with hyper-lapse videos of London. Brand new and shiny it was a pretty impressive area to be greeted by and definitely gave you a feel for what was to come.

The View from the Shard is on the 98th floor of the building, which is basically right at the top – you have to take a few staircases to reach the highest viewing platform.

Whizzed up in the lift, first to the 35th floor where you change to another set of lifts and then upwards to the 98th floor. You are up the top of the building in a matter of seconds – the only way you know that you are moving is by the sensation of your ears popping! Otherwise it is over so quickly it is a little disorientating.

Being so high above London and seeing it from across the water, as opposed to my typical daily view within the City, is a really nice treat. You can take in all of the iconic City buildings, Canary Wharf and then onwards to St Pauls and Covent Garden. Like I say, the day I went it was a little foggy but you could still see the funnels of Battersea Powerstation and a whole lot of London that I know nothing about!

There is a bar that does hot and cold drinks, along with a few snacks, so you could definitely enjoy these whilst taking in the view and make the experience last an hour or so.


Naturally, if you are afraid of heights then this trip would be a no go! On the top viewing platform the building is actually open at the ceiling and this really makes you appreciate how high you are above London. It’s also a whole lot more peaceful than on the ground..!

The View from the Shard is a really great experience and the perfect treat for any passionate Londoner or tourist alike!

Avios also offer this experience on their list of ways to spend your Avios points – so if you have any saved up this would most definitely be a great way to spend them!


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