Scrummy Organics Snack Box

If you’re anything like me you won’t be able to go the morning without a snack. I am massively guilty of this and really need to get in to the good habit of eating breakfast, but until I do I have been looking at healthier alternatives I can have in my desk drawer for when I want to indulge.

Whilst biscuits, chocolate and crisps may be delicious they are most definitely not the best thing to start the day with and so I looked online for alternative options. Whilst I have had Graze boxes in the past I am not a huge fan, they are expensive for small portions and I always end up with one or two things that I don’t really like – it wouldn’t let me “bin” anything further as I had already got rid of most of the list!

Instead I stumbled across the Scrummy Organics snack box, full of delicious snacks that contain specially sourced organic ingredients; much healthier for you than something grabbed from your local corner shop!




The company offer a monthly subscription plan and give you the choice of three different types of boxes: Personal (£15, 10+ portions), Sharing (£29, 20+ portions) or Family (£43, 30+ portions).

I received the personal box and it is more than enough to see my through a month at work, if not more! There was a great variety of treats included and surprisingly there was not one thing that I wouldn’t eat.

From little boxes of raisins, to Green and Black chocolate and the most delicious flapjack ever; I am sure there is something in the boxes that will appeal to everybody.

I am certainly very impressed with the concept and the products, it’s great to know that they are organically sourced too and hopefully they will help me be that little bit healthier!

Sign-up now here and get 25% off your first box with the code “1ORDER25” – you won’t regret it!


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