Royal Hotel, Southend-on-Sea

An absolutely gem within the seaside town of Southend-on-Sea, the rennovation of the Royal Hotel has made it a luxurious destination for locals and visitors alike.

It is clear as soon as you approach the venue that money has clearly been spent to ensure the finest of furniture, decor, food and drink. Complimented entirely by the polite, friendly and courteous staff willing to assist at every step of the way. 

I visited the Royal Hotel for afternoon tea on a Saturday afternoon. Seated within the ballroom we were immediately presented with a glass of prosecco and tea respectively – clearly the prosecco was for me!

The ballroom itself has been restored to its former glory and has all the glamour you can imagine it retained in its early days. With crisp white linens, plush chairs and polished cutlery this would be the perfect venue for a special occasion such as a baby shower or even wedding reception. Particularly with the picturesque views out to sea. 

After enjoying our drinks for a short while we were presented with the first of our afternoon tea dishes. Warm, homemade sausage rolls and scotch eggs with a difference – containing smoked salmon instead of meat, a real delight!

Following this entree to the afternoon was the main selection. A selection of crustless sandwiches, large homemade scones and a substantial range of cakes and sweet treats! 

You certainly would not leave this afternoon tea feeling hungry. Plus at just £18 it is an absolute bargain too. 

After enjoying just a little too much at afternoon tea we retired to the bar. Once again this area was decorated to the highest levels and featured some really quirky additions – such as a portrait of a military bunny, which suited the surroundings just perfectly!

The cocktails are one of the key reasons to visit the Royal Hotel and their cocktail menu certainly did not disappoint! The pages went on forever and they offered some typically classics alongside custom made cocktails specifically made for the Royal Hotel. 

What I loved more was the selection of themed glassware, and in particular the way in which the sharing cocktails were served – one I saw in particular was in a porcelain bath tub. Certainly unique!

I really, honestly, could not recommend the Royal Hotel enough. Whether you are in the area or thinking of making a special trip down – you won’t regret it!


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