ROBERTS Revival Radios

The amazing summer weather instantly puts me in a good mood, and there is no better addition to that than some summer tunes! I like nothing better than lying on a sun lounger in the garden, cocktail in hand and one of my favourite radio stations playing in the background.

This has inspired me to make a purchase. I have actually been after a ROBERTS Revival DAB radio for as long as I can remember. I love the vintage style of them and the selection of colours that they are available in. I actually never really listened to the radio a few years ago but have recently found it a great addition when I am cooking or the house seems that little bit too quiet – we all love a little sing-a-long to ourselves!

The most difficult choice in all this is what colour or pattern to choose? There is such a great selection! I am currently only in rented accommodation too so would like to buy a colour that would continue to fit in with whatever colour scheme future houses have.

The price is what has been putting me off slightly as at between £159.95 – £199.95 these radios are an investment. But they are so beautifully made and they look so great that I think it would be a purchase worth making.

Here’s my favourite colours/patterns currently:

ROBERTS Revival DAB Radio

What ROBERTS Revival radio is your favourite?



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