Return of Hair Crimping?

A trend that has always solidly resided in the 80’s and for me the 90’s too; but is there a possibility for hair crimping to make a comeback?

The trend is one that I strongly remember from my youth; when crimped hair was the hottest thing to sport at the school disco – where all the girls and boys stood on separate sides of the room, naturally.

With such thick hair I always used to find the trend quite a laborious one but it was definitely worth it! I thought I was the bee’s knees with my glittery dress and fabulous hair. However I thought I had left all that behind and now in my 20’s I never thought I would be tempted to try it out again… oh how things change!

I have spotted the look on a few celebrities and media people within the last few weeks and have to admit that I am sorely tempted by the style. However, this of course means an investment in a set of crimping irons – as of course I don’t still own the ones I did at 10!

But when you can buy hair crimpers at Tesco for just £19.99 it seems rude not to give it a try. I really can’t wait to get my hands on a pair and try the half up-half down style of younger years and see if it still makes me feel as fabulous as it did then!

Thankfully, unlike hair crimping, times have changed and there’s a bit more intermingling at “discos” now!


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