REN Hot Cloth Cleanser

I am a huge fan of REN products (see here ) because when you find a range of products that work you have to stay loyal to them!

I have long been a fan of a hot cloth cleanser by another big name brand but am always tempted in to looking elsewhere to see what is on offer. You could be missing out on something even better otherwise!

So when I saw that REN had released a brand new Hot Cloth Cleanser of their own I had to give it a try!

IMG_3720-002 IMG_3724-002

I love the cloth that comes in this set, it is really thick and flannel like but soft on the face. I would say it is really similar to the Washi! cloths I reviewed here, they worked really well and were of similar material to this. The thicker material of this compared to other fairly thin clothes come in these sets feels like it will last much longer and wash up better too.


The product is a cream texture and fairly thick in consistency, which I really like as it feels really enjoyable to cover your face in!

After applying to a dry face I wet my cloth under hand hot water, remove any excess water and then buff the product off of my face. This leaves my skin feeling refreshed, clean and glowing.

I am really impressed with the REN Hot Cloth Cleanser, it is a fairly saturated market for them to be dipping their toes in but they have done it so well that they have certainly made the right move! It also retails at just £16, which for a 150ml bottle I don’t think is bad at all.

What’s your favourite hot cloth cleanser?


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