Recycling Clothes

The problem I have with buying so many clothes is that when I have outgrown them it is such a nightmare to sell them.

I have no car so a boot sale is out of the question, I sell only a handful of the 100’s listed on a facebook selling group and eBay seems to take more fees than you actually make at the end of the auction!

There just doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get rid of clothing and make a little bit of money too.

A few years ago I used website Music Magpie to get rid of a few old CDs, I didn’t get a lot of money but they were barely worth anything and just under £10 for the lot was better than nothing!

I have recently found that, despite the company name, the website now has the facilities to recycle your old clothes for money.

Using the system is simple. Firstly you simply have to select where the item is from and what it is (i.e. dress, trousers, etc).

You then move on to the next screen where you fill in the rest of details, these include: size, style, colour, material and length.  Once you have selected an answer for each category from the pull down boxes the website will give you a price for the item.

Music Magpie

Music Magpie offers a free send service so there is no cost at all for using the service. They will collect the items by courier or provided you with a pre-paid label if you have less than 25 items.

Although for some items you may get more if you sell on eBay, I think selling clothes through Music Magpie is far easier as you are instantly told how much you will get for the item and can then decide whether to sell or not.

You can also combine your order, which means that you can sell CD’s, Games, Movies and clothing all at once! Simple.

I’m off to see how much I can get for my mountain of clothes that will otherwise be going to the charity shop!


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