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Whilst they may not be for everyone, juice cleanses are a great way to reset your body and kickstart weight loss. Follow my 3 day juice cleanse journey and discover what I learnt.

Many juice cleanses can be ordered online, however these are often shipped to you in ‘cool boxes’ and then stored for a couple of days whilst you use them. This put me off a little bit because it didn’t seem that they were that fresh, so instead when I found that a local juice bar were offering cleanses I thought it was the perfect option to ensure freshness and taste during my cleanse.

I settled on a three day juice cleanse because I thought it would be a great start to trying out this new way of losing weight and refreshing your body and internal systems. When we collected the juice cleanses from Primrose Juice Bar we were advised to keep day two and a three in the freezer until the night before they were required when we could take them out to defrost.

This would ensure that the freshness of the fruit and vegetables contained inside each bottle would be retained.

My mistake in starting the cleanse was probably that I did it after a week of lots of eating and drinking, this meant that it was a shock to my system when suddenly I stopped putting actual food into my mouth and body. It is instead advised that before juice cleanse you are already beginning to restrict and maintain your diet instead of eating unhealthy and fatty foods. This in turn will then make the juice cleanse much easier because your body is not expecting as much quantity of food, as it won’t be getting this during the cleanse.

The process of a juice cleanse it simple. There are five bottles of juice everyday and you can drink these as and when you require, however I found it useful to set up a timetable so that I knew when I would expect my new juice.

With various flavours containing fruit vegetable, either individually or combined, these juices were all very enjoyable and tasty and you quickly learn in which order to do them throughout the day to ensure the best taste at the right time.




On day one I will admit that I was very hungry and slightly irritable because of it. I think this was partly my fault because as I said above I didn’t properly prepare for the plans, however after swapping could use for a low-calorie soup I felt a bit better I could proceed with the next two days. Once this was not something that was necessarily advise I think that without having done this I would’ve struggled to continue and with therefore however in three days and there entirety rather than just one day.

After the first day it does get a bit easier, which is what I read online when I researched use cleanses before embarking on one. Your body stops craving food so much, although I did find I craved strange foods that I wouldn’t typically have eaten or wanted!

It is almost as if you have got over the hump of day one and you’re a lot more focused and set on your goals. You will also noticed that you are less bloated then you may typically be – for me in particular I have intolerances to many things therefore going for a day without any of these meant that I felt a lot better in myself too.

Sometimes I struggle to get enough fruit and vegetables into my diet, so did the cleanse was a great way to ensure that I was getting enough goodness and nutrients into my body. In fact I think it would be good to do this alongside a low calorie diet to ensure you are meeting your five a day if not more.

Day two and a three quickly flew by and before I knew it the three days were complete. Now it was time to get on the scales and see just how much difference a juice cleanse had made.

It was to my delight and surprise that I discovered I lost 4 pounds over just three days. This was fantastic and I was so glad that my slight blip on day one didnt impact me too much.

The best thing about embarking on this juice cleanse journey was that my body has adapted and my mind is begun to realise this I don’t need to eat as much as I was doing previously. There is no need to eat more food than necessary, and when your plate is still full but you aren’t hungry anymore you don’t need to finish what may be left.

Whilst I began this juice cleanse to kickstart some weight loss I actually learnt a lot from it and it is the educational side of it that I will promote the juice cleanse from when talking to friends and family.

Going forward I am aiming to replace one meal a day with a fruit and vegetable juice. I think this will enable me to continue getting enough goodness and nutrients into my body, and will also avoid meeting too much of the wrong thing.

Primrose Juice Bar is based in Chelmsford, Essex and offers a wide range of free-from products, whilst also having hot and cold food and drink that is perfect for people with intolerance, or without. The cleanses offered vary in length and can be built to your requirements and any particular tastes or needs.

The three day cleanse retails at around £80 and the juice bottles are particularly large so you definitely feel like you’re getting value for money.

So if your local to the Essex area get in touch with Primrose Juice Bar to organise your juice cleanse, for those nearby they can organise delivery alternatively can collect from the store at your convenience.


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