Pivaz, Epping

I absolutely love Mediterranean food, I am quite sure I could live on just that and nothing else forever more and not get bored. So imagine my delight on discovering a new Turkish restaurant not so far from home. Little did I know that a delight it would prove to be!

Located in Epping, Pivaz is luxurious and elegant dining experience. With the typical Turkish dishes located alongside some unique dishes such as steak and crab, you will certainly not leave hungry

For Christmas Pivaz are offering a 3-course set menu for £39, which is fairly reasonable in itself but once you have tasted the food you will discover just how exceptional that price is.

We were shown promptly to our table, and as it was only 6:30pm on a Monday evening is was pretty much empty – this didn’t last for long though, and by 7:30 the place was pretty much full. Proof enough of how great the place is?

Ordering a glass of wine each and some still water for the table, we started to look at what the menu offered. With a typical Turkish meze platter, avocado prawn and crab cocktail, escargot, soup and melon on offer there certainly is a choice for everybody. It took me a while to decide what I wanted as I didn’t really want to select just one option.

Our starters arrived, the mix meze platter and crab cocktail, and we were delighted with the size and presentation of the dish. That was no match, however, for the taste! The avocado, prawn and crab cocktail was creamy and delicious – well mixed with the perfectly ripe avocado. The meze platter was a great selection of some of my favourite dips, as well as a feta filo pastry parcel and stuffed vine leaves. Whilst a fair sized starter, this still left me room for main course.

Again, the main course options left me in quite a predicament. From fish to steak and shish, the options were varied and all looked equally as delicious.

In the end we settled on the fillet steak with crab meat and the beef shish. Again, the presentation was perfect and the food looked delicious – but the taste… I think this was the best steak I have ever tried!

Juicy, tender and meaty this steak was perfectly accompanied by the crab meat, whilst the beef shish was served with homemade chips – perfectly seasoned, with just the right amount of salt to compliment the meat. We were very, very impressed.

Finally we were served dessert, and with such a strong selection of food so far we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. We shared a passionfruit cheesecake and baklava. The baklava was sweet but not overpoweringly so, and came in two variations served with ice cream. The passionfruit cheesecake was creamy, fruity and simply delicious.

I really cannot recommend Pivaz more. They have various location across Essex and London, so if you are in Epping or nearby one of their other restaurants do pay them a visit – it is certainly worth it, particularly whilst they have their £39 set menu on offer.


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