Peter Storm Wellingtons

I really wanted to get some OOTD but just haven’t had a chance yet! I thought I would feature them sooner rather than later though as we have been having pertty perfect weather for wellingtons recently!

I have always been a huge lover of Hunter boots but at their price I just can’t afford to keep changing them each season – something I always end up wanting to do as I buy a new coat each winter and want to match the colours!

So when I spotted that Peter Storm did wellingtons of a variety of patterns, for just £25 I knew they would be the answer to my problem!

These Peter Storm Navy & White Spot Wellingtons are my new love! They are so cute with their polka dot detailing and pink accent detail.

I decided to showcase a few outfits they would work perfectly with – there is nothing like planning ahead for wet or snowy days!

A Wet Country Walk:


A Snowy High-Street Shopping Trip:






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