Pebble Grey LED Cosmetic Mirror

An essential in any bag on a night out is a compact mirror, but do you find that often in the darkness of clubs or whilst walking outside that you can’t actually see whether your make-up is still intact?

With things like fake eyelashes, big eyebrows and wash off tan being popular choices at Christmas time it is essential that you are able to check they are still attached, haven’t rub off down your face and hasn’t been affected by the British weather respectively.

Well it would seem there is now an answer to that! Welcome your new best friend, the LED cosmetic mirror (£19.99) from Pebble Grey.



Packaged in a gorgeous velvet pouch and branded box this would make a great gift of treat for yourself. I have taken mine everywhere since receiving it and I wouldn’t be without it now! The bright LED lights allow you to check your make-up and hair even in the darkest places – plus it’s especially handy for trying to find the keyhole in your door in the early hours on your return!

Small enough to fit in a clutch bag but large enough to find amongst your “necessities” in a larger bag, the mirror is simple in design and feels solid enough to know that it will be pretty durable!

I simply couldn’t be without this mirror now, it’s most definitely become my best friend!


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