Do you ever want to treat a friend or loved one to a little gift to say thank you, I love you, sorry, good luck or congratulations?

I often do but struggle to think of something that won’t cost me a fortune! It’s always nice to treat people, especially at good/bad points in their life but you don’t want it to leave you out of pocket!

ParcelGenie is a new app currently available through the App Store, Google Play and for Windows Phones. Featured recently in Cosmopolitan it is becoming really popular – and I can see why! You can select from a range of products and send them to anybody with a mobile number.

It’s simple to use, firstly you need to download the app. Then just select the gift you want to send, enter a message for the gift card, insert the recipient’s mobile number and you are done!


Your recipient will then shortly receive a text stating that somebody has sent them a “real gift” and they will be asked to provide their address.

Within 1-2 days the package will land on their door and they will have been treated to one of the fabulous gifts available – everything from socks to teddy bears, American candy to chocolate pizza.

I tested the service out by treating myself to a box of the ParcelGenie fudgy cake balls. Just the name makes my mouth start to water!

They arrived at my door in a ParcelGenie branded box, enclosed was a box wrapped in purple tissue paper with a red ribbon tied in a bow. My gift card was attached to the exterior so that I (or my recipient) knew exactly who it was from.


I ripped the tissue paper and ribbon off in haste of trying one of these delicious treats and I was not disappointed!

With white and milk chocolate varieties available, covered in sprinkles, these fudgy cake balls were just as incredible as I had expected. Moist and sweet they are the perfect after dinner treat. I had to restrain myself from eating them all in one sitting!




This box retails at £9.99, but you can get 30% off of your first order with the code: 7K5214

So go on, treat yourself or a friend!


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