Seaside Fashion Outfit

Guest Post: Seaside

Hi all, I’m Nicola. I usually blog at isayimposterista but today I’m moonlighting over here. Now, anyone who knows me will know that I am OB-SESSED with carousels, who wouldn’t be right? So when I was trying to decide on a post for Carousel Diary, I thought, hey! I’ll do a “what I’d wear to the Great British seaside” post, because when I think of the seaside, I think of carousels.

Seaside Fashion Outfit

I went for the 60s look with this Dahlia dress, and kept to the look with the satchel and the loafers. I love straw boaters, they just scream seaside to me, and I finished off the look with some blue ankle socks, cat eye sunglasses and some lovely coral lipstick. To me, a perfect sea air breathing, ice cream eating, carousel riding outfit, no?

I’ll let you in on a little secret; I actually bought this dress yesterday as a little treat to myself for finishing uni forever. Hooray! I can’t wait for it to come, maybe I’ll wear it to the seaside next time I go.

Gandys Flip Flops

Gandys Flip Flops

There sometimes comes along a company with both beautiful products and a beautiful story. Gandy’s is one of these companies – although the story doesn’t have such lovely beginnings.

Rob and Paul’s parents were killed in the 2004 Tsunami amidst terrifying circumstances. Having been to Sri Lanka and seen the devastation the Tsunami left in its wake I can only imagine how awful the situation must have been.

Rob and Paul were determined to try to find a positive end to the tragedy they experienced in 2004. They wanted to do something that would honour the spirit of their parents that would give themselves peace of mind in the process.

They came up with the goal of helping people in the developing countries they had visited whilst travelling. Specifically, they wanted to focus on children less fortunate than themselves.

The brothers decided that they would use a percentage of the profits from Gandys flip flops to build orphanages in honour of their parents. The mission of Orphans for Orphans was born.

Gandys Flip Flops

Do you need much more of a reason to purchase a pair of these staple pieces?

Coming in a range of colours and sizes there is something for everyone! Plus the flip flops have recently been spotted on celebrities, including MIC stars. They are great quality and comfortable too, the base is thick but soft and the bold “Gandys” logo stands out.

Gandys Flip Flops 2Gandys Flip Flops 3Treat yourself and help those less fortunate at the same time, you can find out more and purchase at Gandys flip flops.

Clarks Liberty 3

Clarks Liberty Range

When I heard that Clarks were collaborating with Liberty I couldn’t wait to see the outcome! With such a luxurious name working alongside a high street favourite the results were always going to be great weren’t they?

Clarks Liberty

The print was chosen after looking through the Liberty Art Fabrics design archives and was first designed in 1902, although not printed by Liberty until 1967. It is quite easy to tell that the print is inspired by peacock feathers and although it has a vintage feel there is definitely a modern twist, mostly provided by the style of both the shoes and bags by Clarks.

The range consists of 6 pairs of shoes/sandals and 4 bags/purses, with the print continuing throughout the range – whether it be repeated all over one of the bags or on the wedged heel of a pair of shoes.

Clarks Liberty 3

I love this “Minorca Bay” bag; it is much larger than I expected from the website photograph, which is a big plus. My handbags normally contain everything except the kitchen sink, so this bag will definitely fit my needs!

Clarks Liberty 2The quality is great; it looks and feels really luxurious and I love the bright, bold print that appears on both the front and the back.

The bag also comes with a Clarks dust bag, what a nice touch! Retailing at £59.99 I think this bag is really reasonable and an opportunity to own a part of both Liberty and Clarks heritage!

What’s your favourite from the Liberty range?

Kelly Edwards Cleanser

Kelly Edwards

Kelly Edwards are a brand that I wasn’t too familiar with until they approached me. They have a great range of skin are items suitable for all skin types. I tried out their cleanser* for a few weeks and I am very impressed!

Kelly Edwards Cleanser

I firstly love that the bottle is a pump, I find that products are so much easier to apply this way – especially with wet hands! Containing Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Rice Bran this product is a delight to use. It is only lightly scented and not at all over powering! It leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and healthy.

This product starts at a very affordable £6.50 for 50ml.

I will be stocking up on the rest of their range in the near future!

Have you tried Kelly Edwards before?

Clarks Honey

DIY Honey Hair Mask

So now I am embarking on a healthier lifestyle I have been looking for healthier ways to sweeten up my diet, especially with things like porridge and tea being slightly bland without that sugar hit. The solution? Honey! What’s more honey is not just great for you on the inside, but on the outside too. Read on for a DIY honey hair mask!

Clarks Honey

This honey from Clarks UK is slightly different to the regular type you may find on the supermarket shelves – one has the addition of orange blossom and the other Acacia. You will see that the colouring is slightly different to that of regular honey – they are far lighter, especially the Acacia honey. They taste delicious though! The orange isn’t too prominent but you definitely get a good hit of it.

Clarks Honey

Clarks Honey

Asides from adding this to my porridge and tea to sweeten it up I have also been applying it to my hair; my hair is slightly dry since having the colour stripped last year and using heated appliances but this simple mask has really helped bring some life back in to it!

The ingredients are simple:

3 tablespoons of olive oil

170g of honey

A warm, damp towel or shower cap

How to:

1. Start by mixing the olive oil and honey together, and then apply to your hair. I find that one of those brushes you use for hair dying works great for this, otherwise make sure you wear some gloves to ensure your hands don’t get all sticky!

2. Wrap your hair in either the warm, damp towel or shower cap. This will ensure that heat is retained and will make the treatment work twice as hard.

3. Leave the hair mask on for around 30 minutes before shampooing and rinsing well.

That’s it! It really is as simple as that; it’s also much cheaper than buying an equivalent from a beauty department. I use this hair mask once a week and my hair is already feeling much softer and less coarse.

Doyou have any great DIY beauty tips?