Guest Post: How to Travel Stylishly

Hi Carousel Diary readers! I’m Jane and I blog over at Jane Heinrichs: art, life, love.  I’m a children’s book illustrator, based between Canada, England and South Africa.  That means I fly a lot.  I love travelling and I love new adventures.

The summer holiday season is approaching, so I want to share a few tips and tricks with you to make flying effortless and stylish.

We all know flying is a stressful business: tight schedules, tight seating arrangements and tight nerves.  But it doesn’t have to be that bad; all it takes is a little organization and forethought.
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Amie Clay Mask

Amie Cooling Mask

There’s nothing better than sitting back in a nice, hot bath and relaxing. I also find this the perfect time to enjoy a face mask – ensuring that I leave the bathroom looking and feeling refreshed.

I am slightly addicted to face masks, my bathroom drawer is overflowing with a variety of different brands and I am constantly switching between them dependant on my mood and the result I want!

Amie Skincare is a brand I am not too familiar with, but boy do I want to purchase their entire range now! I have used their Cooling Clay Mask a few times now and to say I was impressed would be an understatement.

This mask smells delicious and goes on easily, sometimes I find clay masks are a little too hard and don’t spread easily but this one was smooth and soft.

I tend to leave this on for about 10-15 minutes and then simply rub away with a muslin cloth. Having applied the product without a mirror I tend to get it in my hair, but it’s easy enough to rinse this out!

But the best bit is the feeling after you have removed the mask, your face feels so refreshed and any slight breeze feels so cooling against your skin. It’s hard to explain but it feels so amazing!

You can purchase 3 sachets of the Amie Cooling Clay Mask for just £1.50 or the 75ml bottle for £4.95 at Boots (who currently have a 3 for 2 offer on!).

The Really Good Cellulite Oil

Fushi Really Good Cellulite Oil

I have previously raved about Fushi oils here and that isn’t about to stop! My recent favourite being their “Really Good Cellulite Oil” and it really does deserve that name!

At 22 I am starting to give serious thought to wrinkles, cellulite and all of the other wonderful things us girls have to look forward to! My motto is that “prevention is better than cure” and so starting early with these sorts of things is the way forward, it also means I will get in to a routine of using products sooner rather than later!

The Really Good Cellulite Oil helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, boosts circulation, tones and firms and promotes smoother looking skin. The product contained Gotu Kola (I’ve never heard of it either!) that is known for its circulatory benefits, green coffee bean oil, vitamin e, sweet birch and grapefruit essential oil. I am sure you can imagine that it smells divine!

I apply this product every evening, to both areas that suffer from cellulite and also the “love handle” area of my torso. Since using this product every day for a month I have noticed some definite improvement in the tone and firmness of my skin, it is noticeable that there is some difference and I feel better for it.

You only need to use a tiny amount per application so the 100ml bottle goes far.

Rated NOW magazine’s “favourite cellulite treatment” this product certainly lives up to its name and I will be stocking up on more once I hit the bottom of the bottle!

The Really Good Cellulite Oil retails at £19.96.

Daniel Wellington Watch

Daniel Wellington

A watch is a staple in many people’s wardrobes, mine not so much. I’ve never been able t get used to having something on my wrist and working with computers it drives mad when it keeps hitting the desk as I type.

But I have decided to get over that annoyance and trial the watch world out properly. Starting with this beautiful Daniel Wellington watch.

Retailing at $199 (Approx. £130) this is definitely an investment piece, but it is very much worth it! The watch is beautifully made, feels heavy like a good piece should and the box it is presented in is to die for – I need to find a use for it!

I went for the “York Lady” watch, featuring a dark brown leather strap with an almost ‘worn’ affect to it. This style is great for both dressing up for work and dressing down for the weekend, complimenting a range of outfits.

So whether buying a watch for yourself or as a gift, I highly recommend visiting Daniel Wellington.

Rio Beauty Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening

Coffee is my saviour in the early hours of the morning (anytime prior to around 11am) but although it may give me a morning boost its not so great for my teeth.

I have thought about getting my teeth cosmetically whitened but the price puts me off straight away – especially when there is a risk of my teeth becoming extra sensitive!

So when I spotted this at home professional teeth whitening kit from Rio Beauty I thought I would give it a go.

Retailing at £79.99 it’s a lot cheaper than visiting a salon, plus you can sit and catch up on your favourite blogs during the treatment!

Rio Beauty Teeth Whitening Kit

It couldn’t be easier to use either: simply add the mouth guard to hot water and then wear for a short while so it forms the shape of your teeth, the place in cool water to ensure it retains its shape.

After this you apply the whitening gel from the syringe and place in your mouth. Turn on the machine to the required treatment setting and time and relax.

After my first use of this I noticed results, although slightly patchy. This is probably due to some areas being worse in staining than others. I have used this 3 times now and I am really impressed. I will definitely continue until they’ve brightened a few shades more.

I will note, however, that this kit is not to whiten your teeth if they are white already but to get rid of any staining from coffee, red wine, smoking, etc. But if you suffer staining this is brilliant!

You can find this set and more treatment sets at Rio Beauty.