iPhone 5 Case

iPhone 5 Accessories at Phones4U

I was recently contacted by Emma at Phones4U and asked if I would like to review some accessories from their range.

Now, I don’t know about you but I have never thought of going to Phones4U for things like cases, headphones etc.. I normally shop online for those sorts of things!

But on receiving this case for my iPhone 5 I am really impressed!

iPhone 5 Case

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Paige Jeans

Investing in Jeans at Selfridges

When it comes to jeans I believe in investing. I have previously bought jeans for £10, £20 and £40 but they have never fit perfectly and eventually become faded or baggy from wear/washing.

However, last year I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a pair of JBrand jeans.. and I have not looked back since!

They fit SO SO comfortably, they are the most amazing things to wear! Jeans used to leave me feeling a bit restricted and “sucked in” but with these I feel I have the freedom to do a full work out – if I wanted to!

They also look as brand new as when I first bought them, although some dye did come out when I first washed them this hasn’t affected the colour and they look good as new!

I have my eye on a lighter pair for Summer as my current pair are a dark shade. I really like these three from Paige:

Paige Jeans

The best part about jeans is that they are easy to throw on and they work with pretty much everything! I love them in the summer with a light camisole or in the winter with a big, thick jumper – no wardrobe is complete without a pair!

Do you invest in your jeans?

Boujies London

Chelsea Flowers

I have raved about these candles before and I will continue to do so until everybody knows about them! Boujies London is a fabulous company with a wide range of beautiful candles – both to look at and smell too!

This summer to tie in with the flower shows of the season, they have realeased a new fragrance “Chelsea Flowers”. This fresh, floral fragrance is a delight to burn and the scent lingers throughout your home for hours after the flame has been extinguished.

Boujies London

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Dynamo Pepsi Max

Dynamo #LiveForNow

Whilst browsing YouTube, looking for tutorials on the perfect cat eye flick (shout if you know of any!), I heard about the latest stunt Pepsi Max embaraked on for their #LiveForNow campaign.

Now it is London focussed like a few of my previous blog posts, however it is probably not something you will be going to the capital to be doing anytime soon!

I am sure you have all heard of Dynamo before, well it seems they joined forces with him and sent him around London…. hanging off a bus.
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The Cripple of Inishmaan Preview

There is nothing more I like than to spend a long weekend up in London, and often when I am up there I make time to visit a Musical or two. One that has recently caught my eye is entitled “The Cripple of Inishmaan”.

Due to  return to the West End at the Noel Coward Theatre for 12 weeks only, the comedy “The Cripple of Inishmaan” is a dark comedy by Martin McDonagh, featuring Daniel Radcliffe, and will be running until the 31 August.

Most commonly known for his role in Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has since diversified with his parts in many large stage productions in both the UK and US.

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