Oxygenetix Foundation

As much as I love the recent influx of barefaced photos on Twitter and blogs they are just not for me! I am just not ready to bare my face to the whole internet.

For me a layer of foundation in the morning is a confidence builder, and allows me to leave the house feeling that little bit happier and brave enough to face the day.

But come summer a layer of foundation is sometimes a little too heavy, and can leave your face looking a little odd when it begins to sweat off! So I have been looking for a summer alternative. BB/CC creams were my first call as I thought they would be lighter, however these seemed to leave my skin looking and feeling greasy. I was getting through blotting papers like they were going out of business!

So when I heard about the Oxygenetix foundation I was intrigued. The main selling point of the product is that it is summer suitable, which makes it perfect for a day at the beach, dinner al fresco or for watching your favourite band at a festival.

Coming in a range of 14 shades, there is more than likely to be a colour that will suit your skin tone. Keep in mind that if you tend to tan in the summer months you may want a slightly darker shade than you are used to – or just by two for the transgression between the two.

Oxygenating Foundation
Oxygenating Foundation

Now, a lot of products claim to do wonderful things and I am always a little bit dubious as to these claims. Oxygenetix claim this foundation is sweat-proof, something that has certainly been put to the test this week with the hot, humid weather. But just how well did it fare?

I am really pleased to say it did very well. Despite a walk to and from the station in the hot, humid weather and a day at work it performs a lot better than other products I have tried. After application and throughout the day my skin feels soft and moisturised, plus I haven’t needed to use so many blotting papers as my skin doesn’t look and feel as greasy anymore.

Not only am I pleased with the performance of the product, but knowing that it contains SPF 25 is great too. This means I don’t need to add a further product to my morning routine in the shape of a facial suncream, as this doubles up and protects my skin from harmful rays too.

Retailing at £45 this is a fairly high-end product, but it does work very well. The consistency of the product is fairly fluid so it does go a long way. You can take a look at the shades available and purchase here.


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