Organic Skincare

I know that many people have the belief that organic skincare, just like organic food, has a higher price tag than its ‘non-organic’ competitors. This isn’t always true.

Regardless, if it was, I would much rather pay that little bit more for something that will be kind to my skin and not contain a load of chemicals, etc. Wouldn’t you?

Ethical Superstore have a great range of Organic Skincare, featuring some of my favourites such as Green People and Weleda. But of course the most important part is the price.

With prices including a £2.65 lip balm, £10.65  cleanser and a £9.59 toner I think the price point is fantastic and just the same as I would spend on my skincare usually.

What I love about organic skincare is that the scents tend to be far less chemical smelling and much stronger. The Nourish Protect range of products stocked at the Ethical Superstore feature in some lovely scents, incouding Organge and Mandarin.

I really love the “mini-kits” featured on the website, they look perfect for travelling as hold just the right amount of product for a trip away without adding unnecessary weight to your suitcase! At around £26 for the kit which includes a; cleanser, toner, moisturiser and serum, they are great way to try out a new range of products without blowing your budget.


The apple set in particular may have just landed in my basket!

What do you think – organic skincare; worth the purchase?


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