NSPA Skincare

I had heard the NSPA brand floating about on Twitter a bit recently and decided to do a bit more research in to the brand and their products.

What I didn’t realise was that these products are stocked exclusively at ASDA, which is possibly why I had no previously heard of them as I don’t tend to frequent the store.

NSPA have got a brilliant system set up: the 4-step plan. Each of their skincare products falls under a specific number and you then combine one product from each range between 1-4 to get your full skincare regime.

NSPA Beauty Rituals

Their beauty rituals range has a variety of options for each ‘stage’ dependant on the type of product you prefer. For example, if you like to use a hot cloth cleanser or prefer a more abrasive exfoliator.

I gave their range a go with the following products and was impressed at the results. These products are exclusive to one chain of stores,  reasonably priced and work fantasticly well.

NSPA Beauty Rituals

Step 1: Ultimate Cleansing Tonic  – RRP £5

A simple, easy to use first step to your plan. Simple apply to a cotton pad and erase the days make-up and impurities. I found this product great at removing my waterproof mascara and my skin was left feeling clean and fresh.

Step 2: Skin Renewal Gel – RRP £7

I was surprised that this product was an exfoliator. Normally when I purchase such a product I like it to be gritty so that I feel like it’s doing something. This product, however, was much kinder and felt pretty much just like a cleansing gel. It smelt delicious, with the orange and lemon acids taking centre stage.

Step 3: Replenishing Moisture Mask – RRP £5

There’s nothing I like more than relaxing in the bath for half an hour with a face mask on, so I was really excited to try this product out. Usually I tend to stick to clay masks, however I find they are sometimes a slight nightmare to remove once they have dried solid – especially from the hair! This mask is more like a thick cream, it applies really easily and you don’t need a lot to cover the face. It doesn’t dry hard either and so is very easy to remove. This mask has been recommended by HEAT magazine.

Step 4: Night Repair Cream – RRP £6

I have been after a night cream for a while. I am bad in the way that I will just use any old moisturiser before bed and have never really thought using a specific night one would benefit me. How wrong I was. Using a thicker, night cream before you go to bed really benefits your skin. The long period of sleep allows the cream to really absorb in to your skin and ensure it is nourished and strengthened by morning. This night cream has been recommended by Women’s Own magazine.

I am highly impressed with these products, especially for the prices, and will be making some more purchases soon!

You can find NSPA at ASDA in stores or online.


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