Nakd Cocoa Orange

Nakd Cocoa Orange
Do you reach that point in the afternoon where you start debating climbing under your desk and having a nap? That was me today, so I decided to nip to the newsagents to get something to revive me.

Alongside my Lucozade (Pink Lemonade, what else?) I grabbed this Nakd Cocoa Orange bar. Retailing at approx. 88p, although that varies in locations, this bar of utter divineness is dairy, gluten and wheat free. It is also one of your 5 a day – which is brilliant news for somebody who really needs to eat more fruit and veg!

Nakd Cocoa Orange

I normally find when I buy these “healthy” food bars that they lack taste, or if they do taste of anything it is disguting. That is absolutely not the case with these babys! They are absolutely declicious and I could eat 20 of them.

In fact it was so delicious I couldn’t help having a bite or two before I photographed it!

They do not taste too chocolatey, but instead have a nice cocoa edge. The orange is the most powerful flavour, but instead of the usual orange flavouring you find in sweet products it is zesty and tastes very “fresh”.

(It also most definitely aided my mid afternoon slump!)


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