Nails Inc at House of Fraser

Nail polish is addictive isn’t it? I’ve never really been that in to painting my nails, primarily because I am lazy and can’t be bothered to keep taking it off and reapplying. But since painting my nails for a night out and loving how they looked, I have been keeping them polished ever since!

Of course this new habit has led to something else for me to spend my money on, and spend it I certainly have! There are so many beautiful colours of nail varnish available and whilst I am normally a red or pink girl I have been trying to go outside of my comfort zone.

I have always been a lover of Nails Inc products and so went directly to them to select some new polishes to add to my collection. They have a great range of new products and it was hard to narrow my choice down to just three.

But in the end I did and yesterday these beauties arrived on my door: Spitalfields Fishnet Magnetic polish, Westbourne Park Hologram polish and Kensington Passage Gel effect polish.


I was first really excited to try out the magnetic nail polish, as who wouldn’t want to play with something that little bit different! It was simple enough to use, simply apply a coat and wait for it to dry, then apply a slightly thicker coat and whilst it is still wet hold the magnet over the top for around a minute. I was left with a lovely pattern which looked really cute.



Next I wanted to try out thee gel polish. I have recently been trying one from another brand and have not been impressed with it at all, it chips several hours after application and doesn’t look all that glossy. This one however is flawless and after one coat my nails have a lovely colour and shine. Although it looks incredibly bright in the bottle the colour does tone down a little when on the nails.



Then of course I was left with the hologram polish, which I thought would be great for an accent nail! The colour is amazing and in the light it sparkles all different sorts of colours. The coverage is great too, here I have coated one thin layer over the previous pink gel polish and you can barely see it! This nail varnish is quite glitter heavy and so isn’t ideal for adding a touch of glitter to your previously polished nails, but it will certainly be perfect for a full manicure or accent nail.


Nails Inc have once again impressed me with their range and I will definitely be stocking up on some more of their gel polishes from House of Fraser when I get the chance.


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