My Top Beauty Tips

Shaving – Run out of shaving cream or just don’t want the added expense? Conditioner is the perfect alternative; it softens the hair on your legs and leaves your skin feeling silky. This tip is especially great when you are staying at a hotel, have no shaving cream but an abundance of complimentary conditioners in the bathroom!

Removing Nail Varnish – We have all been there. One or two chipped nails and no nail varnish remover in sight. There is an answer though! Simply apply a clear top coat to all nails and quickly remove with a cotton pad or ball whilst still wet/tacky.

Lips – I always keep on top of exfoliating my lips! There is nothing worse than dry, chapped lips – especially as a base for applying lipstick. To give a good canvas: apply lip balm, then using an old toothbrush scrub your lips lightly, finish by using a tissue to wipe away excess balm and any dry skin. Repeat every few days or as necessary!


Mascara & Nail Varnish – One rule: Do not pump or shake. This allows air in and will dry the product (mascara) or create bubbles when you apply (nail varnish).

Lighten Hair – Want a cheap and simple way to lighten your hair, with ingredients from the kitchen cupboard? Rinse you hair with a mixture of chamomile tea and fresh lemon juice instead of conditioner. Then allow it to dry in the sun or under a hairdryer to lighten your locks!

De-puff Eyes – An odd choice perhaps, and one that most definitely isn’t stocked in Boots, but if it works – it works! Wash and peel a potato, cut two slices from it and place them on the eyes for 10 minutes. Relax and unwind while the potatoes do their magic! Then rinse your eyes and you are done. Potatoes are astringent so they decrease water retention; they also contain catalase which aids in lightening your dark circles.

Make-up Sponges – Do you apply your make-up with sponges? They work great for some but they are a lot more expensive than you realise. They tend to absorb more foundation than what ends up on your face! Invest in a decent quality foundation brush (MAC for the high end, ELF for the low end) and watch your foundation last much longer.

Brows – Suffering from unruly brows? Recycle an old toothbrush or mascara wand, spray it lightly with some hairspray and style your brows as required.

Fall Trend 2010 Grunge Smokey Brown MAC Eyeshadow

Oils – One thing that I only recently got my head around is that oils are good for the skin, even if you already have oily skin! Over cleansing of the skin can cause stimulation of the glands which produce oil, causing over production. Using oil based products will, surprisingly, have the opposite effect!

Sunscreen – it’s not just for when you are out sunbathing you now! Even when it’s cloudy there are still around 80% of the sun’s UV rays passing through the clouds. Neglecting the sunscreen is a road to wrinkles and skin damage!

Elbows – The frequently forgotten part of the body, but for me usually the driest! Remember to pay a little attention to your elbows to keep them supple. Applying Bio-oil every day will keep them highly moisturised and avoid the awful dry look.

What are your top beauty tips? I would love to hear them!


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