Mrs D and G’s Tighten & Tone Wraps Review

Trust me when I say I am as pessimistic as the best of your when it comes to wonder diet and slimming products. If they all worked that well anybody who wanted to be skinny magically would be. But obviously that is not the case and so when I trial any slimming/diet product I do so with an air of doubt about how well it will actually work.

But when I find one that actually works I like to shout about it from the rooftops! You will know I previously had a body wrap professionally done at home, review here, with great inch loss from all around my body. This time I am reviewing a body wrap that you do yourself!

Mrs D and G’s Tighten and Tone Wraps are a non-woven cloth wrap that you apply to any area of your body that you have a particular concern about. Whether that’s love handles, a double chin or maybe a little extra weight on your arms.

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To use you simply remove it from its packaging and wrap it around the particular area. Once on you will need to place something over the top to hold it there, try using cling film or a particularly tight top. I used a sauna wrap belt that I purchased on eBay and it worked well to hold it tight.

On your first use of the product you are recommended to use it for just 45 minutes in case of any irritation from the ingredients, on your subsequent uses you are able to use it for longer and get better results.  The cloth has been infused with a powerful and natural botanically-based formula to deliver the best tightening, toning and firming results.

The wrap was easy to apply, although a bit sticky trying to open it up from folded, and smelt delicious – really minty! After a few minutes of being on the wrap began to tingle a bit, but not unpleasantly as you could tell that it was the menthol that was causing the effect. It actually felt quite nice and refreshing after a while! My favourite part is you get to lie back and relax for 45 minutes whilst the wrap works its magic.

The best bit? The results are progressive over 72 hours! Obviously if you eat a big pizza and an Indian takeaway the next day this may not work so well, but they are a great addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The results? I placed the wrap over my waist and hips as this is an area I am particularly concerned about of late, I was pleased to awake to a 4.5 inch total loss from these areas which I think it great! These wraps would be the perfect cheat way to fit in to you LBD on a night out!

You can purchase a pack of 4 wraps for £49.50, here, which makes each wrap £12.38 each. Not the cheapest but it certainly works which I think makes it a good investment.

I am off to stock up on some more so I can cheat my way in to a bandage dress!

Have you tried an inch-loss body wrap before?



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      I have tried a few wraps before and love them! Not only are they a relaxing experience but they can really help with inch loss. Let me know if you give one a go! x

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