Mr Lee’s Noodles

Founded by Damien Lee, a former City head-hunter, Mr Lee’s Noodles were designed and created when Damien was in remission from cancer. Looking to clean up his diet to ensure he beat the condition, he wanted to look to create a healthy gluten-free alternative to the chemical laden noodles available at the time.

The reason I have tended to avoid the big name types of these noodles is exactly for that reason too. I simply have never felt reassured that the ingredients are healthy, that there isn’t too much salt in them and that they would actually taste of much more than artificial flavouring. Mr Lee’s Noodles however are entirely different.

One of the best things about these noodles is that they come in 6 flavours – all of which have an oriental theme and aren’t your standard “chicken”. Hong Kong Street Beef, Shaolin Monk Vegetables, Dragon Fire Mushroom, Warrior Fighting Shrimp, Tai Chi Chicken and Penang Chicken Curry Lasaka.

You have to agree the flavours alone sounds pretty tempting!

I was impressed too with the flavours of these pots. Chunky pieces of chicken were to be found amongst the rice noodles, with vegetables that still tasted delicious and were tender too. These pots really are a superfast, healthy way to have lunch/dinner or just a snack.



One thing I will advise is that they do need a good stir to ensure all of the flavouring is dispersed round. There’s nothing worse than getting to the bottom of the pot and realising you didn’t make the most of it!

Mr Lee’s Noodles are available to buy on their website at £17.94 for 6 packs (£2.99 each) or on Amazon.


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