MitoQ Anti-Ageing Serum

It’s never too soon to start using anti-ageing products! With age come wrinkles and anything that I can do to help stop the occurrence of these is a winner with me.

MitoQ Anti-Ageing Serum supports healthy skin cell function and protects cells from the oxidative stress associated with age. If you’re looking for something to support collagen and elastin production then this product is for you.



I first tested this product by applying it to the back of my hand; I always find that you can immediately see how effective a product is by doing this. After using a small amount, it soaked in incredibly quickly, I was amazed at how much more youthful and glowing one hand looked compared to the other. If it can do that to my hand I knew it would do wonders for my face!

My first thoughts were true, after using this for about the last month my skin has a lovely radiance about it and is soft to the touch too. I am not surprised that this product has received some incredible reviews and is touted as being “100 times better than any other serum.”

Retailing at £79 this product may seem expensive, but it will last you around 2 and a half months. Making it just £1 a day! I personally think that sometimes you just have to spend a little bit more for the best products. The packaging looks expensive too and would be a great addition to any dressing table or bathroom cabinet.

MitoQ has recently teamed up with Baobella, an online beauty community that was launched in March last year and so far has over 100,000 beauty members. Their website also has some great competitions and the chance to get some free samples too!


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